#PunekarEats: 7 Delicious Parsi Food Joints in Pune

Go ahead… Glutton out.

Dorabjee Restaurant (Dastur Meher Road, Camp)

Who does not know the Dorabjees? The renowned Parsi food caterers in Pune have been standing tall since 1878. Dorabjee Restaurant has been the centre of attraction on Dastur Meher road and has passed on its culinary skills for generations in the family. From ‘Akuri’ and ‘Parsi Poro’(parsi style omlette), ‘Sali boti’ to Parsi type ‘Kheemo’ and ‘Saas ni macchi’ (fish in a white sweet and sour gravy) and everything else on their menu is divine! And yes, while you are there, do not forget to try the ‘lagan nu custard’. Dorabjee restaurant is most definitely on top of my list of great quality and sumptuous Parsi food.

King’s (Above Badshah, East Street)

With well known Parsi dishes like ‘Chicken Farcha’ (fried chicken), ‘ Sali marghi’  and ‘Kolmi no Patio’ on their menu, this is the place to be for a parsi feast. Established in the year 1905, King’s is one of the strong contenders on my list. A haven for lauded Parsi dishes, a visit to this place is a must!

Zamu’s (Dhole Patil Road)

Established in the year 1988, this reputable restaurant owned by the Cursetjis, has made its mark in the Parsi food pageant. Zamu’s also offers sizzlers and a lot more on their menu. My personal favourite dishes served only on Parsi festivals are ‘patra ni machi’ (pomfret in green chutney steamed in a banana leaf) and the ‘Mutton pulau Daal’, a celebrated dish in the Parsi community. But on their regular menu, mouth watering ‘Dhanshak’ and ‘Sali Boti’ (spicy mutton Gravy garnished with fried potato sticks) are praised dishes. 

Rustam Restaurant (near Fashion Street, M.G Road)

Founded approximately 80 years ago, Rustam Restaurant is a treat for those lazy bums who don’t want to get out on a Sunday (which includes me). Just order a delicacy like ‘Dhan daar and Kolmi no patio’ (yellow daal and plain rice served with a spicy and tangy prawn sukha) from this notable joint and your day is made. Only on order, this Parsi cuisine pro is perfect to get your hot meals delivered to your door step. Now it can’t get better than that, can it? From delicious ‘Dhanshak’ to ‘Sali Marghi’ to appetising ‘Mutton cutlets’, just a phone call away.

Mancho’s (Dastur Meher Road, Camp)

If take away is your choice, then no better place than Mancho’s to cheer you up after a long day. For some lip-smacking ‘Dhanshak’ and Parsi style ‘Mutton or Chicken Kebabs’, this is a hot spot for Parsi meals on the go. Mancho’s has been on the Pune food map for about 4 years now, spreading joy in the life of Parsi food lovers.

Jamjoji (Sachapir Street, Camp)

Now the name cannot get ‘Parsi-er’ than that! It literally means ‘please eat well’ and well we eat at this fantastic little restaurant with authentic Parsi cuisine located on Sachapir Street in camp. From Parsi type ‘Fried bangra’ to ‘bheeda ma gosh’ (succulent mutton cooked in lady finger) you are going to be licking your fingers here. Jamjoji also offers Tiffin service all through the week. The appetising ‘Sas ni Macchi’ and ‘Papeta ma gosh’ (mutton gravy cooked with tomatoes and potatoes) are my treasured dishes available here. Enjoy!

Where Else (Lunkad Sky Max, Viman Nagar)

A charming place by siblings Ardesh and Daizy Rustomjee, Where Else serves delicious Parsi bhonu but only on weekends. They’ve got Dhansak, Sali Margi/Boti, Tamota par Eeda, Kheema na Pattise, Aleti Paleti (stir-fried chicken liver and potatoes) and Papeta par cheese (a Parsi twist on cheesy garlic fries). Try it out this weekend!