Pune-based doctor reinstates eyesight of a 99-year-old

Mr. Ramachandra Mahajan wished to celebrate his hundredth year of life with a better vision!

Pune-based doctor, Dr. Amit Ranade, was recently successful in restoring the eyesight of 99-year-old Mr. Ramachandra Mahajan. The latter wished to celebrate his hundredth year of life with a better vision. Mr. Mahajan and his family approached Dr. Ranade for the surgery.

Dr. Ranade, who has been performing cataract operations for ten years now, had never operated on someone who was above ninety years of age. He told us that conducting a cataract surgery on people above eighty years of age can be very complicated. At times, the surgery can even be detrimental to life as the nerves of the eyes become very weak with age. Also, the cataract becomes quiet hard which can be challenging during the surgery.

So, when Mr. Mahajan and his family approached Dr. Ranade, he was quiet cautious. He said that after a thorough checkup and analysis of Mr. Mahajan’s health, he decided to take up the challenge of performing the surgery on him.

Dr. Amit Ranade also mentioned that three years ago, he had successfully operated on Ramchanadra Mahajan’s other eye. On January 7, Dr. Ranade  operated on Mr.Mahajan and removed his cataract and today, Mr.Mahajan’s eye sight has drastically improved.

Dr. Amit Ranade performs most of his surgeries at his hospital ‘Ranade Eye Hospital’, which is located in Sadashiv Peth. The doctor told us that one can get one’s cataract removed at his hospital at a very nominal rate. He said that in some cases, the patients are charged fifty percent less than the market rate for cataract surgeries.

Kudos to you, Doc!