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Pune: 7 Impactful Events of 2015

Immense pride, sadness and some mixed emotions.

First off, a very happy new year, guys! Let’s kick it off with all of the positive energy we Punekars are so well known for. In the past year, we have witnessed some major events around in city, which either call for immense pride, sadness and mixed emotions even. Here’s a round up of what impacted the city all through 2015. Here we go!

Punekar honored with prestigious Bharat Gaurav Award

On January 16 last year, fellow Punekar Nasrin Ejner was presented with the Bharat Gaurav Award by the Indian International Friendship Society (IIFS) in recognition of years of tirelessly working towards strengthening ties between India and Kuwait. The International Friendship Society, which was started in 1977, has been presenting the Bharat Gaurav Award to NRIs for their contribution in social work. Kudos, Nasrin Ejner!

National level sportsperson commits suicide

Sanket Vishwas Genaje, 27-year-old talented sportsperson and medal winner at the National Kayaking Competition, allegedly committed suicide due to not being appointed in the sports quota in Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd., despite being offered a job. The tragic incident is believed to be a reaction to his depression over being unemployed for over a year. Sanket was also a software engineer. His family and friends are in our prayers.

Legends perform at the NH7 Weekender 

nh72016Oscar-winning composer AR Rahman and Indian rap king Baba Sehgal (low bow) of the 90s made their first music festival appearance in Pune at the NH7 Weekender in 2015. It is said to be one of the most memorable weekends of the year, thanks to the two renowned music icons being a part of the Pune NH7 weekender, 2015. #ChickenFriedRice, yo!

Beef ban irks Punekars

Since approximately 40% of Pune’s population is open to eating beef, a large number of Punekars were up in arms against the ban on possession and sale of beef across Maharashtra. Where about 14,000 kgs of beef is consumed daily and with about 500 licensed beef selling shops in Pune, the city has been largely affected by the ban on beef. Thoughts? Wonder what’s getting banned next, huh?

Amanora Park town wins Energy Management Award

The well known township development company ‘City Corporation Limited’ of Pune won the 16th National Award for ‘Excellence in Energy Management’ for the year 2015. The organisation won this award for the renowned project ‘Amanora Park Town’. Smart city?

Pune secures IPL franchise

Two new franchises, namely Pune and Rajkot, for the Indian Premier League (IPL) were chosen by India’s cricket board in a bidding contest last December, replacing two teams suspended over a 2013 spot-fixing and betting scandal. The Sanjeev-Goenka-owned New Rising consortium has picked Pune as their home base while mobile phone manufacturer Intex have opted for Rajkot. Three cheers!

Army paraplegic team becomes National Champion

A team of paraplegic army personnel from the city-based Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre (PRC) of the Indian Army won the National Wheelchair Basketball Championship for the second consecutive year. The PRC basketball team was founded by the manager of the team, Anthony Pereira, in 1979. Woohoo!

What will you remember 2015 for the most, Punekars? Share your special events with us!