#5ShotsLater with Tejas Menon

Star Wars, Powerpuff Girls, Tea and Bae (read Cats)…

Tejas Menon carries his guitar on his shoulder, his music in his soul and his lightsaber on his sleeve. At the end of the day his lyrics are simple, the melody is entrancing and the energy this quirky musician brings to the stage is palpable. 

So who is Tejas beyond the gigs and the music? We caught up with this talented musician from Pune after his gig at Blue Frog to find out a little more about the man behind the guitar.

One spellbinding performance, a few fangirl interruptions and of course #5ShotsLater, here are the highlights of our conversation with one of Pune’s popular singer-songwriters!

The Star Wars’ Addiction

When a musician wearing a sweatshirt with Darth Vader on it randomly asks the audience, “So have you guys seen The Force Awakens?” you know this is not just an ordinary fan. “If I could be one Star Wars’ character it would probably be Obi-Wan,” says Menon and then proceeds to make us feel a tad bit inadequate by delving deep into some intense Star Wars theory.

Note to readers: For any doubts related to this epic space saga kindly contact Tejas.

The Geek Behind The Guitar

A self-confessed geek, Tejas has also started an active forum called Geek Fruit. “Geek Fruit is a community which aims to unite us estranged geeks from across the country (and later, the world),” he says.

For all those who feel the force strong within them, join the geeks here

The Thing About The Powerpuff Girls…

When you enter a bar and you see a crowd of people completely losing it to The Powerpuff Girls’ theme song, you can be pretty certain that Tejas is in the house! If you’ve witnessed a few of his gigs, you know that this track is a very important part of the set. “I love cartoons and hey this is a pretty awesome song!” says the optimistic songwriter.

On that note, it should be mentioned that it is refreshingly nice to come across an artist who is so immensely talented yet still so down to earth and in complete harmony with the stage and his music.

To sum it up, before we start nursing the hangover, here’s a little bit from our rapid fire!

1. Who’s the last person you texted?

Someone from the band. No, a girl. No, band.  (I guess we’ll never know?)

2. Dogs or cats?

Cats. I have two. They jump on my face and wake me up at 7 am.

3. If you were a hip-hop artist, what would your stage name be?

Tea-Monster (Ladies, he’s a chai kinda guy)

4. If you could be one great musician, who would it be?

Paul McCartney

5. Do you still get asked for ID at bars?


6. Do you hate interviews?


We recommend: ‘Brave’, ‘Evidence’ and ‘Philosophy’ were some of our favourites from the set.

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