The All New Avatar of Open Air Cinema in Pune

Lost The Plot, the name behind the concept of Open Air Cinema in Pune, comes up with their new venture, Twilight Talkies. This time it is bigger and better, with many more activities lined up for the audience.

An evening spent among the stars, on the lush green grass, staring at George Clooney and Brad Pitt, only to wait for Julia Roberts to come on screen and make you forget everything about your life… Sounds good? That, is what an evening at Open Air Cinema, organized by Lost The Plot in Pune, looks like! As a city, we are always yearning for that new ‘it’ thing. Whether it’s a new club or a restaurant, a hot new farmer’s market or a new artist that you just HAVE to see live. Amidst all of these options, the latest local scene are these open air cinema nights where movie-lovers get together, watch their favourite flicks and invariably then discuss them. Locked away on a beautiful night, on a rooftop in Seasons Hotel, Punekars gather to have a unique experience, rather than just catch up for drinks and dinner.
The concept is not new, we’ve all seen movies where they show drive-in theatres and people setting up picnics smack in the middle of a cemetery, watching slasher films! The Americans know where it’s at. In London, they have open air cinemas at local parks where there are often refreshments served too. One such event is what inspired Nikita Naiknavare, the founder of Lost The Plot, when she attended it for the first time in London. That is when she decided to introduce the concept to Punekars. Been running quite successfully over the past year, the Open Air Cinema nights saw over 1800 attendees for their two major Christmas and Valentine’s Day Events.
The idea is somewhat romantic, wouldn’t you agree? With the success of the Lost The Plot, and more and more people responding so well to the idea, Nikita decided that she just had to scale it up to a bigger venue, with more things to offer, and a bigger venture on the whole. This Sunday, the 22nd of November, will see an interesting venture, the Twilight Talkies, at Mona Lisa Kalagram in Koregaon Park. It’s an evening of live music, a movie screening and some delicious finger lickin’ food to arouse your senses!
“The idea that watching a movie could become a way to bring people together really intrigued me. We do it in a way that theatres can’t; relaxing in a park, meeting new people, and engaging with new sets of individuals who love doing the same things that you do” said Nikita. There will be more events of the same kind in the coming months where you’d be able to set up picnics and watch movies with fellow Puneri cinephiles.
So if you are looking for something fun to do this Sunday, head on over for the event with a blanket and some of your favorite people, to have yourself a lovely Clooney Evening.