Top 5 Vegetarian Continental Joints in Pune

If you love continental food but stick to the vegetarian palate, worry not about options. We give you 5 vegetarian restaurants in Pune, serving amazing continental food, which you will want to keep visiting.

All of these are certainly are the small ‘food joys’ of life, aren’t they?
Continental food has been ruling our Sunday dinners and mid-week indulgences since quite some time now.
However, our vegetarian friends may agree that they fall short of options when looking for pure vegetarian places that specialise in these fares. Now, you needn’t worry, we’re giving you a compilation of some of the best restaurants for vegetarian continental food in Pune. In fact, while on our quest, we realized some of these are so good that even the non-vegetarians can frequent the joints when looking for a break from all the meat.

Cream Centre

When this famous Mumbai-based joint opened up outlets in the city, a lot of ‘American Corn Cheese Ball’ lovers rejoiced. Their nachos, macaroni and sizzlers take you on a trip to the West, East and everywhere possible! Pasta-in-Pasta is one of their unique dishes. Here, you can also add a desi-twist to your continental food, by putting in their most famous Channa Bhatura and Bambaiya Ragda Pattice into your meal. For dessert, try the wholesome scoop of Calcutta Meetha Pan from their Ice Cream Works menu. Pure vegetarian cravers, find your heaven at this outlet.
Locations: Sadhu Vaswani Chowk and Phoenix Market City.
Cream Centre1-min

Little Italy (previously known as La Pizzeria)

Long before we knew the difference between Fusilli and Fettuccini, this place has been serving these to us. One of the oldest fine dining restaurants in the city, offering authentic Italian cuisine, Little Italy has now crossed borders with its presence in 21 cities, including few international ones. For those who simply order white sauce pasta even without looking into the menu, this is the place to be. Thin crust wood fired pizzas, risottos and even salads have Italy written all over them. With a cosy ambience and helpful staff, you will definitely return with a satisfied experience.


Darshan is probably the one of the oldest restaurants of Pune. Rather, it’s a classic! Popular for serving multiple cuisines such as Mexican, Italian, Chinese and Indian, this is a casual dining restaurant where you will often find large groups of families chattering away happily on tables besides you. On a Sunday night, you should be prepared to wait long hours for your table. Simply writing about the food makes us want to go there and dig into their Vegetable Au Gratin and Baked Vegetable with Macaroni from their Hot Bakes section. Their Kwik Woks, Enchiladas and Sizzlers are hits with the city-goers too. Baked Beans on Toast is another one of their celebrated dishes.


Tucked away neatly in one of Koregaon Park’s many by-lanes, Dario’s comes as a surprise with its spacious open air garden seating and a décor reflecting an old world charm. The restaurant-café-bar specializes in vegetarian Mediterranean food from the kitchen of the owner, Dario Dezio, who is originally from Italy. He has travelled extensively throughout Europe and has hand-picked some amazing delicacies for the restaurant on his way. You can try out their unique concept of Thalitalia, which is an Italian food thali. Their breakfast menu, which serves goodies like Chocolate Waffles and French Vanilla Crepes, seems interesting too.

Thalitalia at Dario's
Thalitalia at Dario’s


Squisito, the Italian for exquisite, totally lives up to its name. The nachos with beans and cheese are one of their best offerings. Thin crust pizzas here are something that you simply shouldn’t miss. The lasagne is very well prepared. Do try the Choco Bomb for dessert! Situated in the heart of Koregaon Park, this certainly can be your to go place when your stomach and soul are demanding for some authentic meatless Italian food.

Pic Courtesy: Darshan Restaurant, Bytplus, Whatshot, TripAdvisor