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The 4 Types of Rickshawalas of Pune

*Disclaimer: All characters and incidences that appear in this article are fictitious, and have no resemblance to any person living or dead. (I don’t want to be banned by the rickshawala community now, do I?)
(Note: Bhaiyya = rickshawala, Madam = Customer)
The ‘chutta nahi hai madam’ rickshawala:
These are the types of rickshawalas who never have chutta. If you are riding with them early morning, and give a 100 rupee note for an 80 rupee bill, they will glare at you, like it’s an insane thing you’re trying to pull off. ‘Subah subah mazaak mat karo garib ke sath madam, abhi toh kamane nikla hu’. And if you catch them sometime late evening, ‘Madam apko saara chutta de diya toh aage customer ko kya dega’. ‘Sorry bhaiyya, galti ho gayi jo bina chutte ke nikal gayi ghar se’.
rick 2
The ‘I don’t give a damn about you or my work’ rickshawala:
These are the kinds who just simply, never, never ever want to go anywhere. You’ll find them chilling in huddles with other rickshawalas, gossiping around. But the minute you approach them, they will all look here and there, giving that, ‘oh no, I hope she doesn’t come near me’ look.
‘Kondhwa jayega’ – ‘Nahi madam, waha se return nahi milta’
‘Kothrud’ – ‘Kya madam, itne traffic mai kon jayega waha’
‘Acha Kalyaninagar chal lo phir’ – ‘Nahi Madam, mai Wakad side rehta hu’
‘Acha pehle bata diya hota, Wakad mai hi ghar le leti’.
The ‘Chatty old kaka’ type rickshawala:
These kinds are harmless. In fact, they’re pretty cheerful and are out there just to chat with their customers and have a jolly time. But, the downside is that they might have an opinion on anything and everything, and can end up irritating you on a hot sunny day, when all you want to do is just reach your examination hall.
‘Bhaiyya thoda jaldi chalana’
‘Arre madam, ab hum toh jaldi jayega, lekin ye police dekho aage khada hai’
‘Acha bhaiyya, signal ke baad jaldi chalana’
‘Kitni jaldi hai madam apko. Train pakadne jaa rahe ho?’
‘Bhaiyya train pakadni hoti toh station le jaane bolti na apko’
‘Arre beta, aap toh aivanyi gussa ho gaye. Mai toh mazaak kar raha tha. Vaise exam ke pehle itna tension lena acha nahi hota’
‘Aur aaj kal toh… ‘
A few 100 blah blah blahs later…
‘Oh dear rickshawala uncle, why you do this to me?’
rick 1
The creepy ‘you have to sit in my rickshaw’ rickshawala:
These rickshawalas will follow you around regardless of whether you want to take a ride or no. The best place to find this category is at the Pune Railway Station. The minute you’re out of the station, they’re waiting to pounce on you. If you don’t respond in their favour, they will follow you, sometimes even block you, and more often than not, irritate you.
‘Madam Kondhwa Kondhwa’. ‘Madam auto auto’. ‘Madam meter se jayega’.
‘Arre bhaiyya, nahi chahiye riksha’. ‘Madam chalo na’.
‘Itne excited ho toh aap hi nikal lo na Kondhwa bhaiyya’
Love them or hate them, you simply can’t ignore them. They form a very important part of our lives. And let’s admit, without this daily dose of tiny nok-jhoks with the rickshawalas, our lives would be quite incomplete, wouldn’t they?
Tell us about any peculiar/hilarious ‘rickshawala experience’ that you have had.
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