Beers Of The World In A World Of Beers

Get to know the beers of the world in a world of beers by visiting the sports lounge – Best Brew, at Four Points by Sheraton.

Whether you’re an amateur, or one who is at intermediate level, or a connoisseur in the world of beers, tasting different types of beers and knowing them well is always fun! Everyone chooses their go-to beers from regular brands such as Kingfisher, Carlsberg, Budweiser, Millers, Fosters and Tuborg to enjoy after a long day’s work. But once in a while, you do like to change the routine and indulge yourself into something exotic and different. That is exactly when Best Brew comes into the picture! Located at Four Points by Sheraton, this place boasts of a menu that includes about 30 different kinds of beers, including imported brands, regular brands and also your desi brands, making it one of the few places in the city that have such a wide collection.
I happened to go to the area less visited (everyone barely goes beyond Phoenix Mall when you are on that side of town) last week with a friend and dropped by at this lounge. If the beer collection does not manage to grab your attention when you go there, the bartender who presents you with interesting beer cocktails such as Lagerita and Beer Twist definitely will! Yes, Lagerita, as the name suggests, is typically a margarita mixed with beer. They do it like a Jager Bomb; fill the margarita in a shot glass and drown it in the glass of beer. Beer Twist is a combination of orange juice, apple juice, Budweiser beer and soda. Both the cocktails were quite appealing to me, especially the Beer Twist, since I almost believed the bartender when he said that the drink had no alcohol in it. Isn’t that just everything you’ve ever wanted from a cocktail?

Fresh beer from the tap
Fresh beer from the tap

When it came to the imported beers, I tried a Japanese rice beer called Asahi. It had a very light feel to it but was extremely sugary, to the extent that you feel like sugar syrup has been mixed into it. I’d never want to have it again. For food, we got ourselves a dish of Golden Fried Prawns, which looked delicious, and to my delight, tasted as well too! Crunchy from the outside and soft and flavourful from the inside. Next we got the traditional plate of Chilly Chicken. It had a nice tangy and spicy taste in the end and was yummy. I’d totally recommend this dish for a spicy food lover.
Best Brew mostly does beers and is famous for their finger food so our main course was ordered from Panash, the restaurant adjacent to Best Brew. Panash is famous for their Pan-Asian delicacies so we got ourselves a serving of Pad Kap-Row, which is stir fried minced beef with hot basil and bird’s eye chillies, along with Jasmine Rice. Both the contents were neatly served to us in two plates and two bowls each for my friend and me. The beef was carefully minced and the gravy along with it was delicious! The Jasmine Rice gave off its beautiful aroma from the moment it was placed on our table, making it irresistible.
The interiors of the place
The interiors of the place

I have to mention the fact that this place is not exactly easy on the pocket, but the wide choices available for the drinks makes it worthwhile. And also, what are happy hours for? Yes, they have happy hours everyday from 6 pm to 8 pm, making it a perfect opportunity to grab an after-work beer. What’s more? Bollywood nights, karaoke nights, screenings of your favourite matches and other such events makes Best Brew a place that always has something exciting to offer! Give it a shot, I’d say!
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Pic courtesy: Best Brew