Pune Getaways

A Getaway for Serenity and Tranquility

A serene and peaceful temple, which is 22 kms away from Pune, Ramdhara makes for a perfect quick getaway for Punekars.

There are some Sundays when you want to stay back home and just avoid going out or driving around too much. It is most likely that you just want to chill, far away from the humdrum of the city. What else can be better than chilling amongst immense greenery which is surrounded by migratory birds chirping around you? It would at least keep you away from the constant pollution and unending honking of the vehicles.
So Puneries, if you guys are looking for a quick break and just want to loosen up then Ramdhara is the place to be. Ramdhara and its surroundings always manage to work their charm on everyone. Being a writer, for me there are times when I need some space with the complete absence of daily chaos and monotony. At such times, I drive down to Ramdhara, a temple which is around 22 kms away from the city. An ancient temple which is around 50 t0 60 years old, this place was constructed by a Devipuri Maharaj also known as Dhundi Baba. The temple has beautiful idols of Hindu deities. The main shrine is that of lord Shiva, but it is more famous for the magnificent idols of Lord Ram, Lakshman and Sita. The temple is surrounded by lush green rain trees and a beautiful lake which gives you enormous peace of mind. The temple also has an impressive Nandi. The location of the temple along with the abundance of trees and migratory birds in the vicinity makes this place very calm and beautiful.

One of the idols inside the temple
The impressive Nandi

The way to Ramdhara is pretty easy and beautiful; it lies about 10 km ahead of Loni Station on the Pune-Solapur Highway; you can get the scenic view of long stretched Bajra fields on both sides of the road. The place is encompassed with high mountains on all the four sides, so if you are in a mood to plan a quick trek, Ramdhara is a great option for that. It’s not just the migratory birds and the greenery which makes this place tranquil but also the white geese which are seen around the temple. Not many people know about this place and that fortunately makes it less crowded. The gates open every day at 6 am and close down by 6.30 pm. It is believed that after the darkness falls, wild animals roam around the place; hence it’s not safe to stay there after sunset.
The beautiful insides of the temple
The beautiful insides of the temple

All these things make Ramdhara one of the must visit places of Pune. With its serenity and tranquility, this place never fails to refresh and inspire its visitors and take them a step closer to Mother Nature; its beauty transcends you to peace and makes you feel content. If you are a nature lover and are craving for some equanimity, Ramdhara is definitely a place that will give you all.
Pic credits: Shilpa Venkat Photography