10 Local Food Bloggers You Need To Follow

Food and food blogging is very much the current trend. Every where you look, on Facebook, Instagram there is someone capturing #foodgasms and claim to be #foodies. But how do you differentiate the hollow ones from the good ones, the ones worth following? Worry not, we have composed a list of 10 local food bloggers that will definitely not disappoint, we promise: (Click on the titles of the blog to visit it)
 1. Dumbbells and Drama
Protima Tiwary has many passions – digital marketing, fitness, fashion but her biggest is food. She explains it as being “on a journey to achieve culinary nirvana” – who isn’t? Weaving beautiful words with even better photographs, Dumbbells and Drama is a blog that has it all – food, fitness and lifestyle advice. Follow Protima Tiwary as she writes with energy unbound and honesty that will make you fall in love with her instantly.

From Protima's Review of Where Else?
From Protima’s Review of Where Else?

 2. Blehlovesfood
Having worked in the restaurant and entertainment industry for most of her life, blogger Divya definitely knows her food. Her enthusiastic and chirpy energy seems to seep into her writing and her recipes too (We personally enjoyed the Red Snapper with the Sage Butter Sauce)! In addition to the food reviews and recipes (which are truly drool-worthy) she also talks about the culture all around her as she travels all over India and the world (Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Dubai and New York to name a few). So if you’re looking for some fun, food and fantastic pictures, this is the blog to follow.
From Divya's Review of Elipsis
From Divya’s Review of Elipsis

3. The Tiny Taster
Winner of the 2014 IFBA Best Food Blogger Award, this blog is anything but small in the bloggers world! Although the blogger, Roxanne, may have a short stature, her appetite for food, travel and life is huge. Her travelogues make you want to jump on the next flight to Paris and Rome and wherever else she goes! Her recipes are very different but she makes them sound so easy! Rich, detailed writing that makes you feel like you’re actually living it. Definitely a must-follow.
From Roxanne's Recipe for Stir Fried Baby corn and Pak Choy
From Roxanne’s Recipe for Stir Fried Baby corn and Pak Choy

4. The First Fork
Want to know about the sumptuous food corners hidden around your city? Follow The First Fork. Started by Karishma Rajan in June of 2015, this blog may seem new but has quite a bit of meat for you to sink your teeth in. Writing from Bangalore, Leh ladakh and Pune, Karishma covers a wide variety of food and travel subjects with rich details that will definitely make you want to jump into your car and go on a food journey yourself!
From Karishma's review of Cafe Max
From Karishma’s review of Cafe Max

 5. The Cook’s Cottage
The Cook’s Cottage is the go-to blog to read about food in Pune. Long time blogger, Jyotsna Sahane, not only shows that her knowledge about food and writing is astounding but also does it extremely humbly by not not attracting any attention to her personal self. This is a rare trait in bloggers these days – let your writing and subject knowledge speak for itself. The pictures accompanying the blogs are really well shot as well. This is a blog where you can get any and every detail about a restaurant or recipe that you want. Bookmark it.
From Jyotsna's Recipe for Chicken Momos
From Jyotsna’s Recipe for Chicken Momos

 6. Lemon In Ginger
The first thing that strikes you when you visit this blog is the visual appeal – the design and the photography is nothing like you’ve seen before in Indian blogs. Photographer, fashion technologist, cook and stay at home mom, Deepali Jain chronicles recipes passed down to her from her mother, an award winning cook. She also puts up her own experiments with food that usually end up blowing you away!
From Deepali's recipe for Basil Choco Chip Cookies
From Deepali’s recipe for Basil Choco Chip Cookies

 7. Kamal Kitchen
Pune based blogger, Pragati Bidkar, talks about food and travel with a passion that is unrivaled. A six year old blog, Kamal Kitchen has garnered a huge following of thousands every year and has made Pragati an expert in the food circuit. What is better is that her blog is an exclusively vegetarian blog and all her recipes are designed around using local produce, wherever she may be in the world. So do check it out to gain an in-depth knowledge of vegetarian food.
From Pragati's Pasta Medley Recipe
From Pragati’s Pasta Medley Recipe

 8. Food Lyrics
Another native food blogger, Deepa Godbole, writes about her passion of food in Food Lyrics. A German language translator, Deepa shares her experiments with food such as Soya Chunks Biryani and Chikoo Ice Cream recipe with the world. Her recipes may sound intimidating, but are super easy to make and detailed to help you in each step of your cooking process.
From Deepa's Recipe for Chikoo Ice Cream
From Deepa’s Recipe for Chikoo Ice Cream

 9. The Sassy Fork
Mumbaikar, Manisha, chronicles recipes and events of authentic local and regional cuisine in her blog, The Sassy Fork. Focusing on authentic Maharashtrian food, she travels all over the state and writes succinct yet detailed accounts of the local cuisine there, so much so that you just want to have a plate full of home-made Maharshtrian food right then and there.
From Manisha's trip to the Konkan region
From Manisha’s trip to the Konkan region

 10. Deliciously Directionless
Prachi Joshi, a well know food writer and critic shares her personal food and travel stories on Deliciously Directionless. A rich vault of Indian and continental recipes, the blog caters to every kind of foodie. She chronicles her travelogues across the globe which are super interesting to read. Definitely a blogger you need to follow.
From Prachi's recipe for Vegetarian Tacos
From Prachi’s recipe for Vegetarian Tacos