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Unity in Banning Times

The Acche Din Government has given us some good news and some bad news. Long story short, PM Modi brought a majority of the population to vote, especially the youth and that’s one of the good news. The bad news are the bans. One may argue that the Maggie ban is justified and I agree to that to a certain extent too but the beef and porn ban were a little uncalled for.
All the bans had one thing in common, they initiated a surge of response from everyone who could associate themselves with them, both good and bad. Not to mention that typical Punekars who had nothing to do with them still voiced their takes because, we’re Punekars! In all fairness, that’s a good thing. A participating and interactive mass of people voicing their opinions like that in a democracy.

Sunny Leone's post
Sunny Leone’s post

The recent porn ban has taken over the internet, quite literally and has resulted in people expressing their views rather creatively! Some of the best thoughts were expressed by Bollywood Actresses Kalki Koechlin and Sunny Leone with posting pictures which put their word out aptly! Moreover, the leaked list of 857 websites banned was like information for the masses to check them out! India being the second largest internet using nation in the world after China with about 350 million users today, the porn ban has been called a futile attempt at the swacch internet move of the Government starting July 31st.
Kalki’s post on twitter

Everyone was all happy Saturday evening. Jolly and clueless, doing their things. By late evening, the hashtag #pornban started trending on twitter and then came in the news. A sort of a havoc gathered, there was some lighthearted panic and infuriating messages circulated on WhatsApp groups, some made their way to social media websites and now everyone knew about the Government’s sly move of blocking pornographic websites through Internet Service Providers.
The Government tagged it as an attempt to block websites that promote child pornography, however this fresh hatred towards the porn ban went to another level when it was discovered that popular and certainly not pedophilic websites like, were blocked too. A sigh of relief now that they aren’t anymore.
The good news is that based on a new notification issued a couple of days ago, websites that don’t support or promote child pornography have been already unbanned.
If you were to ask me, I feel that the porn ban is a senseless move. Since the ban could be based on the high rate of crimes against women among other reasons, the Government should focus on basic and higher education which will make the masses respect and change their perception towards women. If anything, a ban should be imposed on basic education at least, if not more, and education should be made compulsory in a rapidly progressing country like ours.