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“I don't believe in achieving a work-life balance” says Pune Runner, Shilpa Phadke

A peek into the life and routine of Shilpa Phadke, one of Pune’s runners and a first runner up at last year’s Veterun Marathon!

All of us, at some time or the other, have met a person who seems to have it all – and do it all. Work, family, fitness and in-general fabulous life, is all balanced and functioning. Meet Shilpa Phadke – a 44 year old telecommunications engineer, entrepreneur, fitness and nutrition enthusiast, runner, cyclist and mother of two. Phadke is one of those people. Having left a career of 21 years in the telecommunications industry, Phadke is now an entrepreneur and has her own nutrition and fitness company called Stayfit. Apart from which, she is an avid runner and cyclist and has taken part in many Indian and international marathons. She was the first runner up in the first Veterun, a half marathon that was kick started last year and this year is being organized on an even larger scale. We caught up with her to chat and find out how exactly she does it all.
1) How did you get into running?
I have always been into sports and fitness, since school. I was on most sports teams in school. However, I only started running seriously about 5 years ago in 2010. I’m also partial to adventure sports of all kinds.
2) What according to you is the ideal way to work out?
I think that a mix of different types of exercises are best. I don’t concentrate only on running, in fact I only run about twice a week and thrice a week if I have a marathon coming up. I run, cycle and do weight training in a week, so that I get a mix of strength training and cardio.
3) What was your most memorable running moment?
My most memorable moment would be when I won the Pune Running Beyond Myself race last year. It is a strenuous half marathon which I won a Vespa for! I recently also had a moment of pure joy and pride as I qualified for the upcoming Boston Marathon!

Shilpa Phadke at last year's Veterun
Shilpa Phadke at last year’s Veterun

4) So with your fitness routine, marathons, business and family – how do you balance it all?
(laughs) I don’t really believe in this so called ‘balance’. I have been doing it for the past 20 years and it becomes automatic after a point. I work out early in the morning and then leave for work and come back and take care of my family.
5) Tell us something about your latest venture as an entrepreneur.
 I was a telecommunications engineer for about 21 years now, and I recently quit the industry to pursue my passion for fitness and nutrition. I set up a company called StayFit which manufactures energy bars called ‘On The Run’ for atheletes and runners. As a long time runner and athelete, I have used all the different kinds of energy and nutritional supplements in the market. And I realised that all of them were laden with chemicals and artificial substances. So I decided to make the energy bars that are a 100% natural and at the same time meet the calorific requirements for anybody who is working out.
6) What would be the one piece of advice you would give to people who are just getting into running?
I would say “take it easy”. It is important for first-time runners to concentrate on the distance they cover each day rather than their speed. Speed comes automatically as you run more often and for a longer time. Focus on how much you are running and not how fast you are.
This year’s Veterun is being organized on the 25th October 2015 and has a beautiful and challenging route starting from Lokseva e School! You can register for it here: