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Read about the awesomely gritty Pune Off-Road Expedition by Moto8!

Rejoice intrepid motoring enthusiasts of Pune! The Pune Off-road Expedition is back! Come 30th August, a week later than the first edition which was held on the 23rd of August, 2014, this year’s expedition is guaranteed to pack more fun.
The Pune Off-road Expedition 2015 is being organised by Pune based 8Moto Events, a company that specialises in catering the needs of automotive enthusiasts. Some of their events consist of motorcycle rides, car drives and stunt shows in and around Pune. Being an avid biker himself and hence knowing what exactly the motoring junta of Pune is looking for, Sangram Devkar, one of the founding members of 8Moto conceptualised this unique event management company and brought it into being.
Pune Off-road Expedition 2014 2
The first event by 8Moto and the team was the Pune Off-road Expedition 2014 in association with AadiVenoo KTM and outdoor traveling solutions provider Red Pillar. This was a first of its kind event witnessed by Punekars. The expedition is a gathering of enthusiasts who like to explore the wilderness astride their normal as well as purpose built machines. What makes it special is that it is specific to anything that has wheels and is ergo, open to all. Flawlessly executed and over 100+ enthusiasts who were happy, tired and buried in muck; it led the company to execute similar events for their clientele. 
Pune Off-road Expedition 2015 2
“The Pune Off-Road Expedition 2015 will pack all the thrills of the last expedition and will up the ante than before for sure. Even though the start point is the same as last year, we will be exploring an extended route and it will be fun for all!” adds Sangram Devkar.
Both of their events – The Pune Off-road Expedition August 2014 and The Exploring Maval in November 2014 were awesomely executed and hence, this year’s events promise to be equally amazing. It’s scenic, rewarding and packs in oodles of fun and a meal of champions at the end. It also helps to hone one’s off-road skills as we find our way across unknown terrains. But be warned that it’s not as easy as being on the road. It’s grueling and it will definitely douse you in more than a few splatters of mud. Sounds like crazy fun, yes?

So if this sound like your kind of adventure, visit their Facebook page for more information.