8 Indian Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

We all know Instagram is full of beautiful people putting up beautiful pictures of themselves, but the decision of whom to follow can often be confusing. More often than not, we end up following a lot of foreigners and forget that we have some brilliant Instagrammers right here in India! So here’s our list of 8 Indian Instagram accounts you need to check out right now (and thank us later!):
1. The Window Seat Project
Started by a group of media students, The Window Seat Project is about discovering India through its largest transport network – The Railways. Check them out for some beautiful pictures and videos of the beautiful Indian country side and interviews with travelers from across the country and the world.

2. Oh No Wonder: Nikita Lamba blogs about food, fashion and more as she travels from Pune to Delhi and Nairobi. Follow her for some awesome recipes, beautiful travel photos and chic fashion tips! 

3. 7 Sisters India: As the name suggests, this account is dedicated to the 7 Sisters or the North Eastern states of India. Beautiful mountains, scenic views and warm people – It will really make you fall in love with the North East and make you wonder why they are sidelined so much. Follow and discover beauty right under your noses.

4. Alex Masi Photography:
An English photographer, Alex Masi came to India and documented the after effects of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy. Moved by what he saw and the people he met there, he decided to get involved at the ground level and set up funds and other initiatives to help the children of Bhopal get back their health and access to education. He has won many international awards for his photography and humanitarian work.

5. Pun Blog Love a good pun? We found that Pun Blog made us giggle quite a bit! Follow them for your daily dose of wit and humour.

Amazing A photo posted by Puns Daily! (@punblog) on

6. Nirvair Singh Rai: One of the youngest photographers to be featured on the cover of Nationa Geographic, Nirvair Rai is a photographer who experiments with the art and shows India in so many new lights.

Alone with her thoughts.. Delhi. A photo posted by Nirvair Singh Rai (@nirvairrai) on

7.The Big Bhukkad:
Meet Adarsh M – Food photographer, Food blogger and Food eater. He creates, photographs, eats and then blogs about it at Lensplate Photography. Follow him to find out about lesser known places and foods!

8. Woman I Love You:
Fashionista Jas Sagu posts about the hottest trends and how you can use it to your advantage on her blog Woman I Love You. Her Instagram photos made us gawp at her beauty, elegance and unmistakably flawless fashion sense!