We Are Like This Only!

Pune – the Oxford of the East to some, the land of kandapohe to others. No matter your perspective, this is a vibrant city indeed. It’s a fine amalgamation of the old with the new. Although the true-blue Puneris grumble about the massive change in the wada culture, you cannot ignore some things that typically happen in Pune! Sometimes funny, sometimes cool, and all in all, a city you can’t ignore nor stop loving.  Let’s take a quick look at some things typically Puneri, which every Punekar will identify with.
Ingenious Names:
If you’re new to Pune, you will witness some interesting sets of names. It could be a chowk or it could be a temple. The names may not make sense to anyone not acquainted with the past of Pune city. We give you a glimpse –
Khunya Murlidhar Temple: Located in Sadashiv Peth, this temple has a past due to which the name ‘khunya’ (blood) is derived locally.Sadly, the nameindicates loss of lives fought in a battle of 1797. The term ‘khunya’ was then coined with the original name in the 1800s.
Bomblya Ganapati Temple: This is actually known as Modi Ganapati temple which is seen in Narayan Peth – an area that reflects an old era nestled near a modern Pune. Why ‘Bomblya’? It could be because this was the area that was initially occupied by fish sellers who sold the popular Bombay Duck. Now, that’s not a duck, but a fish known as Bombil in Marathi.
Just like these fascinating and strange names, Puneris are also used to Pasodya Vithoba Mandir, Bedekar Ganapati, Sonya Maruti Chowk, Dulya Maruti, Chimya Maruti, and more! Interesting, isn’t it?


Our Unique Sense of Direction:
Anyone who has lived in Pune for a good number of years will always ask directions with caution.When you ask, “Kaka, Jungli Maharaj road la kasa jayacha?” (Uncle, how will I go to Jungli Maharaj Road?) Pat comes the reply, “Ikdun saralja, davikadevala, ani pudhe ujvikadhe ek chowk disel. Tithe right la ek rastaaahe. Tithe nakajau!” (Go straight, take a left, reach achowk, and you’ll see a right turn. Don’t go there though!) Funny, and typically Puneri!
Everything is World Famous!
Conversations over a hot cup of tea with Puneri friends is never complete without a typical hilarious sentence – “this is world famous in Pune.” The topic can be about a particular food joint, a dish, a shopping area, or the works. Anything is indeed world famous…but only in Pune.
Puneri Patya:
These need no introduction. From funny one liners to boards pinned outside homes, you’ll find them all over Pune (Made in Pune, and only in Pune). Sarcasm always finds its way to give a message and inject humour into the sentence. “Yethe park kela tar gaaditli hawa kadhlijaeil” (If you park your vehicle here, we will remove the air from your tyres). Such signs send home a message and give a glimpse of the assal Puneri who tolerates no nonsense!

pune girls

The Veiled Beauty: 
Women in Pune swear by their scarves in every kind of season. No matter the heat, the scarf always hides the face of Puneri women on their two-wheeler ride. If it rains, there’s a scarf underneath the hood. In winter, there’s a scarf below that muffler. Some ladies take it a step further! A scarf is adorned even while driving a car. This is a beauty secret that costs nothingand is chemical-free for flawless skin!
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