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Is This Really the Last of Your Favourite Drink?

National news and the social media are buzzing since the last couple of days with the frenzy about Mohan Meakin, the company that brews Old Monk – a dark rum which needs no introduction at all! Known and loved by everyone in the country and pitched by heartranjan, a popular blogger, to be made the National Drink of India, this lovely drinks’ sales have sadly plummeted to a great extent off late, due to a number of reasons. One, because of the wide variety of options, both local and imported, available in the market today, and two, people often settling for white rum.

As of today, Old Monk holds a total market share of a mere 5% percent and sales have taken a downturn since 2000. Bringing smiles on people’s faces since 1855, Old Monk is a top favourite of both, the young as well as the old crowd of the city, and the news of it not being around has been a major bummer for all.
Old Monk Meme
“She was there when I started hanging out with timeless buddies, she was there when I came back, drenched and dirty, from a motorcycle ride, and she was also there when I found my life partner! No matter what they say, old habits die hard and I don’t know how I am going to survive without my favourite drink, said Anis Shaikh, a full-time photographer and an avid motorcyclist. Newspapers will feel empty on the inside when they won’t be wrapped around that chubby bottle of one of the finest Indian rum; in the online world, the hashtag, #savethemonk is trending all over social media with pictures of Old Monk enthusiasts buying the rum in an attempt to save the brand. “My father drinks Old Monk and I fell in love with it since the first time ever that I had a sip of it. I don’t think they will stop its supply. The spirit of the Monk is going strong!” says Rohan Deshpande, an aspiring Chartered Accountant. The news has brought in sadness in the hostels, where ‘ghum main rum‘ is the moto everyone follows, and has also become the talk of the town at all the pocket-friendly bars of the city.
However, according to a report by the Times of India, all this buzz that’s been across social media is a shock to the management at Mohan Meakin. Mr. SN Maingi, DGM at Mohan Meakin squashed the rumours surround the brand and assured that Old Monk is the company’s flagship product and it’d be the last product to go off shelves. He further adds that sales have taken a hit in South India but that doesn’t mean that Old Monk isn’t doing well. So it seems there is still hope for our favourite drink. Phew!
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