All for a Cause – Aazadiyaan

Aazadiayaan means FREEDOM – freedom to change, freedom from the narrow egoistic walls, and freedom from all that is holding us behind. The way our society functions, the discrimination on various grounds, the inequality, the hypocritical thinking, the broken lives of millions around us, made a group of teenagers from Pune devote themselves to the service of others.
More than a year ago this group had come up with the baton of change which they wished to pass on to the next generations. With this very aim in mind they put up a show named “Aazadiyaan” with the tagline, “A broken kingdom, an unexpected change, the rise of a new empire.”


This year they are back to continue the endeavour that they started and support a noble cause of taking the baton of humanity forward.
I spoke to some of the organisers – Gauri Deshmukh and Malavika Ramanathan to know what got them started on their journey for a cause close to their hearts.
What got you all together to start an initiative like this one?
GD: For most of us school is the place where we learn our basic values, where we are moulded into good human beings and also become aware of the duties of a responsible citizen. It was pretty much the same for all of us. Our school – St. Joseph’s High School Pashan had already given us the opportunity to do social work by organizing small events and programmes. After our tenth exams we had a lot of time on our hands and we realized it was time to do something different for a cause that we strongly believe in. We did some research and selected a few NGOs. After visiting these organizations we realized that we couldn’t stop at just donating some money. What the children at the orphanage or be the blind or deaf school needed was a little appreciation from the people around them.
MR: The idea of a show was still on but we decided to include the children from the different organizations. We decided to train them and give them a chance to showcase their talents. We wanted them to feel loved and feel special and get the experience of being under the lime light! This was when “Aazadiyaan” was born. It wasn’t the brain child of one of us but rather a collective effort of a group of us who shared the same line of thought.


What is the theme for your show?
Both: We want to help these organisations through this gesture. We are focusing not only at facilitating the materialistic needs of the less fortunate but also at making them feel loved and sharing a common platform with them. Hence the theme for this year’s program is ‘love’, because love knows no age, no caste and no disability. It is a universal feeling.
This being your second event of the initiative, what’s different this time?
GD: We want to tie the world with a strong thread of unity and equality which will be not just hard but impossible to break. Our first attempt at this huge task proved to inspire many. It sure didn’t fix the entire broken kingdom but definitely a part of it. So here we are all geared up to fix another broken part and take another step forward to raise our new empire- to bind the world as one. So we are back to present another thrilling show put up by the children of Maher, Jagriti School for Blind girls, the IRCS for the deaf and the residents of Navkshitij. Our aim is still the same –spreading smiles and love but all we can guarantee is that it’s going to be bigger and better!


What kind of activities have you planned for the show?
MR: All the children from the different organisations are going to be participating. We have different dance performances, singing and musical yoga. This year, the volunteers will be joining the performers on stage. There will be a choir performance while we will have a video in the background that will show the journey of Aazadiyaan in 2013 and this year as well.
How can one contribute to this initiative?
MR: In order to make a better effort to put up our show and extend all your help you can come to watch the show and encourage all the little children participating in the show. If one cannot attend the event, any form of donations will be accepted.
Aazadiyaan will be performed at Tilak Smarak Mandir on Tilak Road on the 3rd July 2015, Friday from 7 pm to 9 pm. 
The show proceeds will go to the four participating organisations. To get passes please contact Malavika Ramanathan – 9766644258