Pune and The Art of Motorcycles

Sunday is not just World Yoga Day, but also World Motorcycle Day; and is an important day for all bike enthusiasts all over Pune, since the city is known as “The Two-Wheeler City”. Maybe it is because of the high student population or maybe because Punekars just don’t fancy cars as much as they do bikes, but the city does have a higher ratio of bikes than four-wheelers. A survey conducted by The Times of India, showed that Pune has the highest number of two-wheelers in the city. Almost 50% of the population has a bike, compared to other cities like Mumbai which only has close to 16%, Pune is at the peak.
With this love for two-wheelers, stems the growing culture of biking in Pune. We can now see a lot of KTMs and Triumphs on the roads and we see communities of people who love all things biking coming together for rallies and competitions. There are already 5 KTM showrooms in the city and the main showroom at Bund Garden Road has sold over 600 bikes in the last year alone, by itself. If we were to approximate the other showrooms numbers, one can safely say that at least a 1,000 KTM bikes were bought in the last year alone. This is a huge number, given that KTM came to Pune only a couple of years back. This meteoric boom in sales can be attributed to the rising fandom for the brand and the bikes itself. Which man doesn’t dream of having his own motorcycle and hitting that long open road, just enjoying the ride and nature? And it’s not just men; many women are taking up the biking hobby too!

Promoting safe biking.
Promoting safe biking.

Sharva Godse, a student and a hardcore biker and cyclist, says that Pune has always been an attractive hub for auto and moto-enthusiasts. “The motorcycle community is growing at a rapid pace and it’s a surely welcome step. Catering to the requirements of every type of motorcyclist are motorcycle dealerships and custom shops all over town with many more introducing their products for the enthusiast.” The main reason that the growing community is such a good thing is that they promote safe riding and encourage the use of safety pads and helmets and boots. This is sorely needed in Pune, as apart from having the highest number of two-wheelers; it also has the highest number of two-wheeler accidents in the state. “Also, protective motorcycle riding gear shops are importing artillery making it an altogether pleasant and happy experience of motorcycling,” reports Godse, who owns a KTM bike himself.
moto day
To further promote safe biking and Motorcycle Day, the biking community along with KTM is hosting “Moto Day”, a motorcycle rally for all bike enthusiasts at Lavasa on Sunday. Visit the Facebook Page for details and registration.
Images courtesy: KTM Pune Bund Garden Facebook Page