Must-listen-to Puneri Bands this Puneri Monsoon

The pitter-patter of the rain drops on your window sill set the mood for romance, some joy and some soul. Music is the best partner for rain to set exactly that kind of mood. Everybody has their ‘rain playlist’ for the rainy evenings at home. But instead of listening to international music stars and their moods; why not try something closer to home?
Pune is fast becoming a centre for musical talent, with international musicians and festivals making the city a stop on their tour maps. The city is also producing some of the country’s best talent in new-age music. Varying genres from heavy metal to Indian classical to jazz even, the city is seeing it all. Youngsters and students form bands and find that Pune is a most welcome avenue to showcase their talents as many clubs and pubs provide ideal platforms for it. So why not hear some music that Pune itself is making and gaining global praise? Here is a list of 5 Pune based bands that are making waves in the music scene that you need to listen to this monsoon:
Formed in 2003, this band comprising of five metal heads, Nemesis is one of Pune’s pride. Listen to their hit singles such as Burnout, Break Away and Live to Fight.

Nemesis, the band.
Nemesis, the band.

What Plough?:
A young alternative rock band from Pune, What Plough? Has gone on to win many a battle of the bands held across Pune and for good reason. They’re awesome. Listen to their tracks on Soundcloud – All Hands on Dick, Come to the Basement, Vato.
What Plogh's album cover
What Plogh’s album cover

Moonburn is a progressive rock band with an ability to dish out quality and uncharacteristically vibrant Progressive Rock. Moonburn began as a jam project between four engineer-turned- musicians. Stay Away, Pink Cloud, Wanderlust are songs that you need to listen to right now.
Gaia’s Throne:
Gaia’s Throne, the ‘sci-fi metal’ band, present an intriguing combination of a lyrical story based on science fiction. Their music draws influences from Western classical music, classic metal and progressive rock. This young quintet somehow makes sense of all this and composes compelling music for the metal fan.  Gaia’s Throne, Contact and Enternails are a must on your iPod.
One of Pune’s most successful bands, Silver is an excellent band for even a non-rock listener. Decide, Vagabond and New Shining Angle are just some of their songs that can play in the background while you enjoy a nice rainy afternoon.