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Experience Fine-dining at Home with MealTango

Bored of eating at the same old restaurants in Pune over and over again? Or just not in the mood to cook at home? MealTango’s newest addition – a dinner delivery service that gets you food prepared by seasoned home chefs is something that you must consider.
Carefully prepared meals by home chefs bursting with authentic flavors are specially cooked and delivered to your door. All you need is to order by 3pm for same day delivery across Pune.
To know more all about this unique service, I chatted with Saket Khanna, the co-founder of MealTango.
How did you get this all started?
The in-home dining hosts began to ask if we could put Mealtango in the box, as it becomes difficult when guests come and go and the cleaning up after that becomes a huge task. On the other hand our guests also said that they love the food but can’t keep going back to the hosts’ houses again and again. Since the requests started coming in from both the ends we thought why not give this a shot!
How has the response been since you have started?
It’s been quite surprising. This concept has stuck a cord with all our guests. Within a span of 15 days we had over 100 people ordering in food with us. We got requests for over 400 meals in our first month! Every day the numbers have been increasing. Not just that we have had various companies from across town that have placed orders with us, radio stations celebrating their birthdays, alumni meets have got MealTango catered food. Our home chefs have also started doing very well from this and are amazed with the responses. Also one of our home chefs Ravi received his weekly earnings by none other than Masterchef India Judge – Chef Ranveer Brar!

Chef Ravi receiving the weekly earnings from Masterchef Judge Ranveer Brar
Chef Ravi receiving the weekly earnings from Masterchef Judge Ranveer Brar

How are the menus decided?
The menus are decided on the basis of our hosts that are available for the day. We do make sure that there is something Indian on the menu with an international cuisine as well, so that you have a variety of options to choose from.


What differentiates you from the rest?
We are offering cuisines from India and abroad, and the menu will keep rotating, so you have something interesting to satisfy your hunger with! At MealTango, we believe the best food can’t be made in bulk. And that is why each dish is specially prepared for you the same day and delivered to your doorstep. We scout for experts who can prepare special dishes for you, and each dish is carefully sampled before it comes on the menu.
Do you have any personal favourite on the menus so far?
That’s a tough one to decide. But there is a South African dessert – Milk tart which is my personal favourite.
What’s next?
For the dinner menus, we are now giving our guests a peek into what we plan for the whole week. Not just that we are getting party menus on board which will have over 500 items for you to pick and choose from.


To order with MealTango you can virew their menu here: