Slam Poetry – Is Pune Ready to Face the Unrestrained?

Prose! That’s what comes to your mind when you read the word ‘poetry..

Prose! That’s what comes to your mind when you read the word ‘poetry’, don’t you? The classical and beloved rhymes in our school books, the students reciting them in unison and a mental image of you desperately trying to pull out a rhyming scheme if you have ever attempted to write poetry. We have embedded this quaint idea in our head that poetry is lyrical, something mystical which takes a certain kind of taste for us to appreciate it. However, with the years fading and eloping with time, poetry has gone from being a lyrical depiction of life to being an uncensored format of expression for each and every one of us. No longer are stanzas needed, rhyming words hardly matter and you don’t need to pull out fancy words from your vocabulary to impress. So what exactly does poetry stand for today? Keep reading to get an insight into the current poetry scene within our city!

pune poetry slam 2

Perhaps the most authentic depiction of the current poetry scene would be to describe it as raw. We had been to a local poetry slam and even though the participants covered a generic topic like love and relationships, this slam group and its participants or even more, the city’s famed young poets, have been known to cover subjects which would make the normal and traditional poets frown. Then it may be Menstruation or being a victim of child molestation or even Kleptomania, it is pretty evident that there is no mincing of topics, no mediocrity when it comes to the poet expressing his/her emotions. Don’t get us wrong, we are not claiming that there is something  wrong with reciting verses about love, we all adore it, but poets today are making a bold advance in the field of reality by making the readers and the general audience aware of the fact that poetry doesn’t have to decline the reality of the world we live in, that poetry is more than an escape. Sometimes it’s a source for bringing awareness, a change, highlighting the flaws within the system. The new generation of ‘romantics’ are focusing more on being painfully human rather than skipping around the grey areas of generic and established poetry.

pune poetry slam 3

This scenario might have the classical poetry lovers wincing, but the truth is that Pune is slowly embracing the global poetry scene. However, does it mean that it will let go of prose and our good old poems? Hardly! Let us call the current poetry scene as an experiment, shall we? An attempt to redefine and rediscover what has been taught to us by the previous generations. If what we know of about Pune is actually true, that Pune is steadily evolving into a city which will paint the nation with its vibrancy, then yes, we feel that it is essential that we give the new take on poetry a chance at the least. Our suggestions? Visit local slams! Get an insight of how the young poets are belting out their emotions, they will be the upcoming generation of poets. We assure you that poetry might have transcended from ‘what you know of’ into ‘what you need to know now’, but it has in no way sacrificed the beauty, the surrealism of words and an emotional uplifting vibe which it has always offered.