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Pune I-Clean Team – A Selfless Initiative Beautifying Pune

The I-Clean Team prefers to be accounted for as a group of concerned citizens ..

Let’s face this, we have all discussed and argued vehemently about the state of our city, with the arguments growing almost as filthy as our city is growing up to be. We all have solutions, we all voice our opinions towards the change, but as always, far too many words and very few of actions. With our beloved PM Narendra Modi emphasizing and promoting ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’, individuals and NGOs have taken it upon themselves to ensure that our county and our cities are restored back to its glory. Pune I-Clean is one such initiative which is focused on altering our city’s condition; they are motivated to their cause beyond a point of reasoning, which is how it should always be. This initiative is in desperate need for volunteers and we are offering you an insight of what they actually do. Scroll down and check it out!

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The I-Clean Team prefers to be accounted for as a group of concerned citizens rather than an NGO. They are comprised of ordinary citizens who wish for a change. You will find students, housewives and professionals as well who are all dedicated to serving this cause. A perfect example of how a group can bring on the change regardless of any celebrities or extravagant fundings! When asked as to why the need for this initiative, their reply was “We dream of our country to be like a garden where everyone is getting fresh air and beauty around!”


Now keep in mind that Pune I-Clean Team absolutely wants no fundings or donations. All they ask us lovely Punekars is to join in their cause, by volunteering. The I-Clean team has done a substantial job considering the amount of volunteers in their team, imagine the success when more hands join their cause! To join their cause and volunteer, kindly contact their Facebook page.