Craft Palate – Creating the Best Out of Waste!

I’ve always had a soft spot for bookmarks, especially hand crafted ones (Archies sale, anyone?)…

As a voracious reader, I can safely say that if I had to choose between an eBook and an actual book, I’d obviously go with an actual book. It’s almost magical the way a new book smells, the way the crisp paper feels against your fingers, you cannot deny the fact that having an eBook just doesn’t come up to par with possessing a real book. It’s the part of a whole experience, you see. Pretty sad though, the entire ‘buying a physical copy of the book’ culture is dying, and so with it, the amazing bookmarks too! I’ve always had a soft spot for bookmarks, especially hand crafted ones (Archies sale, anyone?) So imagine our surprise when Abhishree Mehta told us about Craft Palate. Now, who is Abhishree and what’s Craft Palate, you might ask. So to know more about why we are being artistically cryptic right now, scroll down and check it out for yourself!

craft palate 2

It all started on a cold November afternoon in 2014 for Abhishree. On realising how bored she was of the Crossword and Flipkart printed bookmarks, she decided to use her love for creativity and books to create her own bookmarks. Although she’s a medical student at the Bharti Vidyapeeth University, her real passion lies in art, creativity and creating small crafts. Along with her love for books, of course. So when Abhishree created her first few corner bookmarks that afternoon- really simple ones decorated with Angry Bird and bunny designs, they turned out to be impeccably unique. She soon created a few more  varieties and her parents as well as friends were equally impressed with it! They convinced Abhishree to convert this into a startup and after that, there was just no stopping her.  This led to the creation of ‘Art Palate’ which was soon followed by her creating a Facebook page for it. What then? Orders and requests started floating in, what were a few orders from her college friends soon transformed into a roaring startup with a wide and diverse client base.

craft palate 1

The most essential thing you need to know about Craft Palate is that it’s entirely personalized and customized just for you and that it’s created from waste. Yes, you heard us right, from trash! “My contribution to saving the environment”, says Abhishree. She also adds, “ I consider myself truly blessed with everything and I believe it’s my moral obligation to share it with those kids who aren’t”. So all the sales proceeds of Craft Palate are used for a social cause, they are used for bringing joy to the underprivileged.

craft palate 3

At present The Craft Palate has the following products available for purchase – Bookmarks (Regular rectangular shaped as well as corner bookmarks), bag tags, decorated envelopes, pyramid gift boxes and paper bows to decorate the gifts. Everything being entirely customizable, of course. If you have a particular theme in mind, you can share it with Abhishree and a unique product will be custom-made for you based on the theme. Sounds like all our gifting worries are finally over, yes? So check out her Facebook page and order a few things, you’ll be adding to the proceeds and helping the world which we live in!