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Book Review: Breaking Out And Making Big

Written for the new and veteran entrepreneur, this book will help you make a transition from passion to success…

A No – Nonsense Book on New Age Start-ups and Entrepreneurship

Author: Rudrajeet Desai
Publisher: Collins Business
Price: 350/-

Today, entrepreneurship has an aura of glamour: work for yourself, be your own boss, try something new, get out of the corporate world and so on. A new entrepreneur’s mind is always buzzing with these questions: Should I even be an entrepreneur? Where do I start? How do I choose the right investor? Will they fund me? How do I pitch in my idea for funding? What are my duties as a CEO? Most importantly: what can I do today so that I don’t go down tomorrow? And lot more.
Understanding this major gap in knowledge and passion, Rudrajeet Desai, an entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of Ideacts Innovations decided to provide firsthand experience and knowledge of his journey via this book.
Rudrajeet offers simple, real-life, usable suggestions on how to build and manage start-ups. The book begins with an introduction of the author himself and then is broken down into a structured format that answers all the questions and issues beginning from why one wants to be an entrepreneur, to how to assess the entrepreneur inside you, making the perfect pitch to an investor and to the other crucial aspects of entrepreneurship. The book provides an in-depth analysis on evaluating business models, building a start-up team, becoming the perfect CEO, investments and venture capital, compliance and organizational structure, start-up culture and employee management and everything else you need to know about planning and implementing a new venture. It gets right to the heart of the business concerns any start-up and entrepreneur might have.
This book has been written from his personal experience of founding a start-up, inviting venture capital and expanding it to a point wherein it’s now regarded as a market leader. The author recognizes that entrepreneurship defines the way you live your life, and how your individual competencies underlines your way of working. Featuring smart suggestions and tips taken from the author’s own experience, Breaking Out and Making Big will help you make that jump from vision to realization.
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