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Aamlicious Festival at Rajdhani – A Feast For Royalty

What do you do when you get an invite for a Mango festival/feast? Of course you go and that too…

What do you do when you get an invite for a Mango festival/feast? Of course you go and that too without giving a second thought to it! So when we received an invitation to a bloggers meet and dine from the reputed dinning chain Khandani Rajdhani, we could barely suppress our delight! So make yourself comfortable, slice yourself a juicy Aam and check out our dining experience at Khandani Rajdhani. You’ll be needing it for what you’re about to read!
Now this restaurant is highly and we mean it when we exasperate this, is highly recommended  for their Marwari Thalis. For those who are curious about what their Thalis consists of, allow us to give you our insight of what we thought of their Thalis after the first glance- they are enormous!  Their traditional and classic Marwari Thali consists of almost every single Marwari dish possible, you can hear your stomach groan in anticipation when they are done serving you, at least ours did!

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We’ll be honest now, from what the Thali looked like, we were pretty positive that it was going to be an inexcusable sweet dinning affair. Too much of sweetness leaves you with a pretty irritated experience, of course so does too much spice and heat. This Thali however, was perfect. A piece of art rather than just a Thali, we could taste the amount of skill and precaution reserved for crafting this delicious Thali. Now the Thali was comprised of almost 25 Marwari food items, yes, pretty huge even by the normal Maharashtrian Thali standards. We could understand what they meant by a royal feast! Now please pardon us for skipping the normal contents of the Thali- Roti, Thepla, Pickles, Paneer Veggies, Rajasthani Daal, Khichadi, you get the gist of it when you picture a Thali. Yes, Rajdhani’s Thali did include all of these dishes, impeccably cooked of course. However, what pulled us in was their Mango dishes, after all, we had indeed gone for a Mango feast tasting!

mango jalebi

Their Mango dishes comprised of the following (this is where it gets interesting): Mango Dhokla, Mango Pakoras, Mango Daal Dhokli, Mango Curry, Mango Pulao, Aam Ki Chutney (their variation of the traditional green chutney), Mango Pickle, Aamras, Mango Jalebi, Mango Lassi and finally, Kairi Panha. We were told that the Aamlicious festival had a continuous changing menu, the Thali items were changed regularly. So please note that when you head out to Rajdhani, kindly do not expect the exact menu which was offered to us, you’d be getting a different one but certainly not less delicious by any means!
Now the Aam dishes which we tasted were indeed unique, however, not all of them impressed us. Sadly, the Aam Dhokla did not match our expectations, a bit dry for our culinary palette. The Mango Daal Dhokli was too sweet for us (perhaps the wrong choice of Mango species?) or perhaps we are just too fond of the traditional Daal Dhokli. The Mango Pulao was slightly disappointing, fluctuating from bland to overly sweet. On the positive side, the Mango Curry, Mango Pakoras and Aam Ki Chutney were spectacular, kudos to the inventor. However, what stole the show was Mango Jalebis.  Certainly not what we had expected, but certainly better than what we had predicted. Perfectly fried, adequately sweet and the sugary ‘Paak’ was just the best Paak we had ever tasted. Not wishing to overstay the polite welcome (and to polish off their entire supply of Mango Jalebis), we called the head cook and congratulated him, he did really deserve it for all of his amazing inventions!

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Generically speaking, the Aamlicious festival is an amazing venture by Rajdhani, a unique way to experiment with our beloved fruit. It’s a skillful endeavor, considering that most of us frown when we read or taste about the Mango being experimented with, yes we love it as it is. However, make sure you check out this festival (ongoing till June 15), it’ll have you delightfully surprised!
Khandani Rajdhani, 2nd Floor, Phoenix Market City, Nagar Road, Viman Nagar, Pune
020 66890453
+91 9920805191