5 Places in Pune That Sell the Creamiest Lassi Ever

What could be more soothing than a cool glass of Lassi when the mercury shoots up and the punishing sun bears down upon you…

What could be more soothing than a cool glass of Lassi when the mercury shoots up and the punishing sun bears down upon you? As summer makes its presence felt, here are some places across the city which you can visit just to sip on some delicious to have Lassi!
Shiv Kailash, Opposite Pune Railway Station
This place probably serves the best Lassi in town. They have the regular sweet Lassi which is famous for its thick, creamy sweetness and is topped with a humongous blob of malai and one has to use spoon to eat it and not drink it! The Banana Lassi is quite different – it can definitely give any sophisticated banana smoothie a run for its money. The dry fruit Lassi is the regular sweet Lassi topped with almonds and pistachios. And for the malai Lassi lovers, they do have an option of ordering the double malai Lassi which is the sweet Lassi topped with double the amount of cream. For Lassi lovers, this place is not to be missed!


Punjabi Dhaaba, Viman Nagar
Looking for Authentic Punjabi Lassi served in the tall steel glass? Then this is the place you must visit! While it has the regular sweet Lassi, this place is known for its OMG Lassi and Patiala Lassi. These are the Lassis served in long glass made of brass –punjabi patiyala style which adds punjabi-ness in the deliciousness of Lassi. The OMG Lassi is thick sweet Lassi topped with loads of dry fruits topped with a dollop of cream in a glass almost 2 feet tall! The Patiala Lassi is the smaller version of the OMG Lassi which can be shared between two people.

Great Poona Cold Drink House, Camp
Great Poona Cold Drink House serves a great variety and what makes this place special is the thick cream layer, topped with dry fruits. They are known for their special 8 variations of flavours for Lassi which include – mango, strawberry, chocolate, pista, kesar, badam, gulkand and raj bhog. You can choose to have your Lassi with or without ice cream. The Lassis here are not as thick as any other place in town, but the dollop of malai on top makes up for it!

 Mann Dairy, Aundh
This place is definitely worth visiting if you are looking to indulge in the deliciousness of sugar, milk and whipped cream. It is known for the best authentic thick, creamy and frothy Punjabi Lassi which one can definitely relish eating with a spoon! This place serves regular sweet Lassi and mango Lassi.
Chaitanya Parathas, FC Road
Along for being known for its parathas and kulchas, Chaitanya Parathas is quite popular for their Patiala Lassi. The Patiala Lassi in particular is a meal in itself. A huge steel glass filled with thick and creamy Lassi filled to the brim and topped with dry fruits. Rest assured that you will be so full, you won’t be able to move from your seat! They also serve Mango and Strawberry Lassis, so if you are big on trying new flavoured Lassis, you can give them a go as well!
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