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The Bombay Bronx: First Impressions

How does the Bombay Bronx fare in Pune? We visited the place and were impressed…

With Pune’s branch having opened just a few days ago, Mumbai’s much renowned ‘The Bombay Bronx’ hosted a tasting week and we were invited for a scrumptious dig in. The Bombay Bronx is popular for its unique finger food dishes and they take great pride in assuring us that each bite presents to us the vivid and mind blowing flavors of Mumbai. To check this out for ourselves, we headed off to The Bombay Bronx with high hopes of gorging on some delicious ‘Mumbaiya’ finger food.


When you step in through the restaurant doors, one thing is pretty much evident: The entire place screams ‘Bombay’. With its skillfully decorated interiors and the artistically positioned lights, The Bombay Bronx gives you a unique feeling of walking beneath the Mumbai skies with the city rushing by your side. The graffiti on the wall made us grin as we could almost hear the Mumbaikars reciting the popular Bollywood slang. The Bombay Bronx has a savvy ambience along with a good blend of old Mumbai city, perhaps a witty indication that although the city is ever changing, it has not forsaken its roots.
Upon escorting us to a comfortable and warm dining area, the restaurant staff gave us a quick introduction of the concept behind The Bombay Bronx and the need for establishing a chain in Pune. The Bombay Bronx obeys a horizontal hierarchy when it comes to management, the business head as well as the owner were lending a helping hand to the waiters which made us feel pretty good. The Bombay Bronx staff is quick to adapt to the needs and is well versed with the customer requirements, the timely service along with the polite but informative description of the dish was sufficient enough to prove us so.


The tasting kicked off with some Cocktails which were blended with unique Indian flavors. The Kairi Panha, Pani Puri, Nimbu Pani and Kokam cocktails left us beyond satisfied, with the tantalizing hint of flavors teasing our tongues. We were also handed out some Shev, Peanuts and Pakoras to munch on, all served in unique paper cones. When the starters were presented, it took great restraint from us to not drool. The Chicken Schezwan beckoned us with its rich and sharply spiced aroma and it proved to be everything which we had hoped for. Perfectly cooked, the sweet and spicy flavors played a delectable duel on our tongue. Quite possible, the best Chicken Schezwan we had ever tasted! However, the Chicken Pizza which followed left us slightly disappointed. The crust as some would argue as the most essential part of the pizza, was undercooked with some portions being outrageously raw. The toppings were spare but satisfactory, a downer for us after the delicious Chicken Schezwan.


The Main Course consisted of their popular ‘NonVeg Dabba’ (Chicken Platter). The platter was packed with four pieces of the most delicious finger food items which The Bombay Bronx boasted of. The Chicken Fingers were exceptionally great; they added a nice flavor change to our tongue after the Pizza. A Mayo Dip with Chicken Fingers is usually something which sends the ball out of the park and The Bombay Bronx’s handmade Mayo dip seemed to kill off all of its competitors. Next on the platter was the Chicken Tandoori, we were handed four tiny portions of the most succulent Tandoori. Adequately spicy with a hint of sour, perhaps lemon zest for garnishing? Pretty great, you just can’t go wrong with Tandoori, can you? However the Boiled Egg Vada (stuffed with chicken filling as we were told) was what made this platter extraordinary. What looked like a normal fried Vada, turned out to be a boiled egg stuffed with the most perfectly cooked and flavored chicken filling. Crunchy but deliciously soft when bitten into, the Vada left us craving for more, quite possibly our favorite for the night. Sadly, the last food item, Chicken Lollipop was mediocre, nothing exceptional when it came to the taste. In fact, it was unevenly fried with some portions being slightly overcooked while some tipping towards the ‘almost burnt’ side. Not quite pleasant but we were still smacking our lips after the boiled Vada. No deserts followed, extremely disappointing considering that a meal is never done without deserts.
Generically speaking, The Bombay Bronx is a great place to hang out with your friends, have a couple of drinks and munch on their delicious finger food. The kind hospitality did make up for the shortcomings in the food; we were satisfied to say the least. Not quite remarkable, but not very disappointing either, The Bombay Bronx is definitely worth a visit!
Address: The Bombay Bronx
14-19, City Point , Near Pune Boat Club,
Dhole Patil Road, Pune
Feature image credit: The Bombay Bronx – Pune