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Food Review: Incognito, Balewadi

A great retro feel, dim lighting, those Green glasses and a corner book shelf – the whole ambiance actually takes you through an Incognito window to a completely different world…

A great retro feel, dim lighting, those Green glasses and a corner book shelf – the whole ambiance actually takes you through an Incognito window to a completely different world.
Pros: Almost all elements of this restaurant. From service to the quantity and quality of food, the ambience, the beautiful quirky selection of books, antiques, and frames on the walls.
Cons: The long waits on weekends..
I recently walked into the newly opened Incognito in Balewadi for a nice quiet dinner. I was absolutely blown away by the quality of the experience that Incognito offers.
[divider ]Ambiance[/divider]
Incognito-1As you walk in, you are welcomed and ushered into old school wooden table and chairs. The tone of the place is set to a mix of old and new. Wood panels and furniture give it a nice rustic tone, while ‘Keep Calm’ posters among others added the new age character. The all wooden ambience gives Incognito a European feel and an ultimate timeless elegance.
Rating: 8.5/10
[divider ]Food and Drinks[/divider]

Incognito-3The restaurant has a dazzling international menu which incorporates succulent steaks & grills, soulful soups, exotic salads, superb pizzas, burgers and sandwiches. You even have the exotic pick from European or South Asian or Mexican menu. And of course, tender Indian kebabs & hearting curries, to suit the Indian cuisine lovers. A look at the menu and you see how well thought out it is too. The menu has variety for everyone, tempting offerings and lovely ideas.

We had the following:
Nachos baked with Three Cheese: Covered in jalapenos cilantro, tomatoes and cheese, it was just the perfect mélange of sweet and tangy! The Salsa dip accompanying it was heavenly.
Dynabites: Cheese and jalapeno nuggets, truly melt-in-your-mouth!
Silican Veg Pizza: The pizza was phenomenal, and I’m not exaggerating. It’s the thinnest crust pizza I’ve tasted yet and it’s this thinness that let’s your taste buds really have a happy time relishing those wonderful flavours! Red & Yellow Capsicum – crispy and farm fresh! Mushrooms were delightful, Olives were to die for and Jalapeno brought a great spice and tang to the pizza. The toppings were so amazingly spread that each bite was like getting a new combination of flavours!
Mexican Chicken Burger: It gave the finishing touch with its immense Mexican flavoured chicken patty and the greens in it, served along with fries.
Pepper Vodka Pasta: Mild tomato based sauce with perfectly al dente pasta, olives, capers, cheese…so so good. It comes with garlic bread.

Incognito-2Ravioli Primavera: It had 6 thick wedges of cheese stuffed with spinach tossed in Marinara sauce with cream, mushrooms, peppers and broccoli. Just as unique as the name and the preparation, were the flavors in the pasta. It was tangy, creamy and something that at least I had never tried before. It was served with a slice of Garlic bread.

Chocolate Brownie pie: It was a chocolate overload of a thick spongy choc cake served on a pool of warm, viscous, gooey chocolate. Chocolate fans will swear by it

Incognito-4Chocolate Dream: It was just perfect, made of Belgian dark chocolate and a dash of kahlua, it was smooth with a well caramelized crust and plated perfectly

Rating: 8.5/10
[divider ]Service[/divider]
The service is quick and prompt. The staff is also friendly and helpful, and will be more than happy to help you choose your dishes and portions, depending on how hungry or stuffed you are.
Rating: 8/10
[divider ]Overall Verdict[/divider]
Indeed a value for money place, considering that one is ensured of great food and an awesome English ambiance! It was such a pleasure dining at a place like Incognito, with its food coma-inducing dishes and quirky, comfy vibe. This place is a must for every foodie in Pune!
Address: Incognito – Lifestyle Restaurant and Cafe, Panchshil Business Park, Baner Balewadi Link, Balewadi, Pune
Contact: 020 65338833/ 020 65336161