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Do You Doodle?

In a city like Pune which is so vivid and vibrant, art is the beloved and the only accepted platform where you can express just to impress! When it comes to artists, Pune has been…

In a city like Pune which is so vivid and vibrant, art is the beloved and the only accepted platform where you can express just to impress! When it comes to artists, Pune has been blessed rather heavily. You can list down at least a handful of names without even racking your brains, quite amazing, yes? However, if we were to ask you about doodle art and the pioneer doodle artists in Pune, you would be at a loss of words. We have all seen doodle art, even complimented or bought a quaint little mug which was decorated with doodle art but we are sadly not as informed about the creators of this art as we should be.
Meet Meghna Menon, an ex-Mumbaikar and now an assal Punekar. She might seem like an ordinary Marketing professional, but what separates her from the rest of us is her ability to create dazzling art from practically nothing! All this with the help of a few pencils, markers and sharpies. Although a doodle artist by passion rather than profession, she dreams of converting her hobby into a self-sustaining trade. To get a better idea of the concept and the execution behind this unique art, we caught hold of her and asked her to shed some light on our rather hazy idea of Doodle Art. Read our interesting conversation with her:
1. Tell us about your background. Is doodle art your full-time profession? 
A complete Punekar at heart, chocoholic, music-loving and a strong passion for art. Originally from Mumbai, my desire for a career in Marketing brought me to Pune.  And, somewhere during the story, the art caught on. It’s a hobby currently. I get commissioned for custom work often ranging from specific theme based lamps, trays, mugs to logos to even grill doors! My job keeps me busy on weekdays so it’s evenings and weekends that allows me this form of relaxation through art. It’s a dream to make this a full time profession.

2. How would you describe your identity/style? What makes your doodles different than the others?
Well, the art form I practice is something between doodles, zentangles, zendoodles, and the mandala art form. Doodling by definition is an unfocused and continuous drawing made while a person’s attention is occupied and a zentangle is a relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. I’d call my work a combination of the above where I start out with a series of patterns to create something which is ultimately an object of art. “Zenscrawl” is what I have termed it. This is not something I’ve learnt formally but it’s been a passion and hobby ever since I was in school.

3.    Are there any special tools you use for creating your work?
My work is about “Drawn on anything” and “Art on things”-  I believe that art forms should not be restricted to canvases and walls but can be brought into our daily objects and surroundings. I have worked on paper, fabric, wood, ceramic and a lot more. The tools really depend on the medium I pick. From paints to sharpies, permanent markers, pencils, outliners or even henna cones- I could use just about anything. I intend to try an icing cone on cake soon!


4.    What’s your favourite doodle that you’ve created and why?
Being a music-lover, my favorite project was a zenscrawled guitar. It was a commission to revamp a guitar with the gift recipient’s favorite band logos. The zenscrawl combines various instruments and elements of music apart from the logos itself.

5. What do you enjoy most about being a doodle artist?
Doodling is something that I have been enjoying ever since I learnt how to hold a pencil. With what started off as random scribbles on paper while just sitting around, I now doodle on fabric, lamps, footwear, t-shirt, walls etc. Doodling to me is relaxing and helps me to unwind from work pressure. It is often challenging to juggle work, being a mom and other things.  So when it’s too much, I grab a pen and zenscrawl away J!


6. If you were to capture one aspect of the Pune city, what would you draw?
The most fascinating part of Pune is that it is truly global in nature. The common Punekar is often seen as someone who embraces his own culture, yet openly accepts cultures from over the world. From the Osho Ashram to Shaniwar Wada, from German Bakery to Chitale Bandhu, Phoenix mall to Tulsi baug, each diverse aspect forms an integral part of a true Punekar- and that is something I would love to express through art.

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7. The thought process of artists is usually different from others. In your mind, what is the first thing that pops up when you read:
1)   Fear 2) Hope 3) Tomorrow
“Let your hopes and not your fears carve your tomorrow!”

8. What are the things which are extremely essential to be present for you when you are working on your art?
Art to me is a state of mind and almost everything around me serves as inspiration.  If its Wimbledon season, I’d work on Roger Federer, World Cup Cricket- I worked on Sachin’s baby picture.  I’ve drawn owls on sleepless nights, Michael Jackson on his birthday, Lord Krishna on Janmashtami or just an abstract bird when I felt like flying!

To see more of Meghna’s works, please visit or follow @meghnanimous on Instagram.