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Book Review: Become an iMature Student

Raghu Pandey uses an innovative ‘Fiction for Curriculum’ (Currific) way to teach Internet Maturity concepts to students and…

Raghu Pandey uses an innovative ‘Fiction for Curriculum’ (Currific) way to teach Internet Maturity concepts to students and make them digitally mature citizens.
Author: Raghu Pandey
Pages: 236
Publisher: Self-published
iMature means ‘Internet Mature’ – a person who is a mature user of the Internet (mature Digital Citizen). An iMature person knows how to make the best use of Internet in personal and professional life. He or she also knows how to avoid all the negative effects of the Internet.
Become an iMature Student’ is a comprehensive book on Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity. It follows Arjun on his quest to become an iMature student and earn the top award at his school. The explanation on Internet safety is being carried out with the help of conversation between two characters Arjun and Krish who happens to be his teacher. This book is a step by step learning not only for beginners, but also for people who think they are experts in using the Internet.
Through his storytelling, the author gives the reader some background information about Internet basics, an explanation of web 2.0, content creation/sharing and then he discusses social spaces where he makes the distinction between social networking and professional networking. He then covers the give and take of information where the reader is introduced to a variety of blog posts, reliable sources of information and an overview of online learning. In the next section, the author talks about online safety where you are exposed to the negative aspects of the Internet and how you can protect yourself from them. The final section offers tips for being a balanced 21st Century student.
The presentation of the subject is simple, precise and to the point. The details of the subject are first classified into five divisions and are then explained one-by-one in 16 different chapters, all of them are diagrammatically shown and concluded in tabular form. The main characters are Indian and there are several references to Indian culture. The references are easy to understand which makes the reader easily comprehend what the author is trying to say.
Raghu Pandey emphasizes on the careful use of the Internet and tells the readers what lies underneath the world of this huge Internet. The book shows what the underlying effects of the Internet are if one doesn’t know the benefits of this huge treasure of knowledge. Make the best use of the Internet in your education, avoid the negative effects of the Internet, get ready for a 21st century career, is what the book has called forth in the distinction between an immature and an iMature student.
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