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7 Awesome Hobbies-Turned-Into-Startups We Found in Pune

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less travelled by..

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference.” Such a lovely quote by Robert Frost, isn’t it? We have all read and learned about this when we were in school, but so few of us have actually implemented it in our lives. Are we not all passionate about some things? Do we not wish to be the sly black sheep within our family which would ultimately leave us smiling and satisfied at the end of the day? Sadly, not all of us can give in to the passion within us which fuels our drive to go and follow our dreams, to do something out of the box without fearing judgement and criticism.
However, some Punekars took the leap of faith and how they got rewarded! Today, they are not just unequivocally happy with what they are doing, their businesses are flourishing and they seem to be unstoppable! So more than business entrepreneurs, these guys are amazing role models. Cheers to them for not quitting on their dreams! Give this one a quick read and don’t forget to hold on tight to your passion!


For Rohan Naniwadekar, speed has always been more than just a source of thrill. His love for motorcycles, cars, monster trucks and basically everything which looks mean and fast led him to create this unique startup. WrapMeUp was started as a tentative venture when Rohan realized that ordinary vehicles could be made to look much cooler just by adding the right vinyls. Today, WrapMeUp caters to a huge client base. They create custom designs for people who are unsure about what would look good on their vehicles. WrapMeUp also wraps cellphones and iPods now. What started off as a hobby which involved car wrapping has now turned into a full time profession for Rohan and his friends!
WrapMeUp Website:

 2. CREO



Now we all face some problems when it comes to gifting, we don’t want to spend excessively, but neither do we want to come off as a scrooge. However, with startups like CREO, gifting just got a whole lot easier. CREO offers personalized gifting solutions, if you have a gift in mind then these guys will personalize it for you. They also offer solutions and suggestions if you aren’t clear about what you want to gift. CREO has a unique gifting list which includes personalized handbags, purses, caps, photo frames, fridge magnets and hand painted table lamps. Who knew a hobby like gifting could be transformed into a valid career option!

3. LMB Productions 



LMB (Let’s Make Better) Productions is a special audio visual initiative started by Anurag Ramgopal(26), Mallareddy Gaddam(31), Ashish Pillai(24) and Jayraj Patil (23). Always passionate about producing videos, their core belief was to not just sell an idea, but to also deliver a message with it. They believed that by doing this, the audience could actually be kept engaged with the product. LMB productions add their own spice to music videos, animations, explainer videos as well as corporate films and high end documentaries. Working for the past 3 years, LMB productions have converted their passion into a flourishing profession, another great example of why you need to stay true to your passion.
LMB Productions website:

4. Motherquilts



Although more of a social initiative than a startup, Motherquilts has gained a lot of recognition through their ‘Godhadhis’, a traditional Indian quilt. They strive to promote Godhadi as an Artisan craft which is made by the rural Indian women as an empowerment program. Motherquilts believe that Godhadis are the best option for the consumers, it gives them a high quality bedding product with a premium level of comfort. This is one startup which focuses on ethnic and traditional products and it should be supported in every way so we can get the old Indian traditional status back to its peak.

5. Raskala



When Raskala started off in 2010, Pranav Mote and Vedashree Bankar (20 and 18 years of age at that time) were just students who loved to make art by painting shoes. Today, Raskala has its own little office in Pune. Fuelled by their creative spirits, they assure us unique hand painted shoes, no two pair of shoes will have even the slightest similarity in the designs. Raskala has also set up stalls in BITS Pilani and IIT Guwahati. Considered as role models by some students, Raskala is one startup which proves our point, that passion does feed your stomach!

6. Dark Reflections



Siddhi Shah (24 years old) believes that the tribal roots of man are of quintessential importance. Thus every piece of unique tribal jewelry sold by Dark Reflections carries its own significance and meaning. Dark Reflections specializes in Dream-Catchers, Hippie Jewelry, Hair Accessories (hair extensions, headbands) Hair Braiding, Windchimes and other tribal products. Siddhi believes that Dark Reflections is essentially an expression of Life, perhaps that’s why it’s gaining popularity among a variety of people who wish to portray themselves in their own way. Dark Reflections literally seems like a calling to all the closet jewelry designers. So if you are one of those, why not give your jewelry a try?
Dark Reflections website:

7. Inkbrushnme


Brainchild of urban artist Harshvardhan Kadam, Inkbrushnme is a specialized studio for public art murals, character design and illustration. Being an avid traveler, Harshvardhan Kadam works on his artistic concepts with other artists across the nation. Inkbrushnme is a unique project where Harshvardhan lets the mythologies in his head flow through his paint brush. Inkbrushnme has collaborated on animation, game design, advertising, restaurant design, graphic novels. This startup should be enough to encourage all the painters in Pune to hold on to their paint brushes!
Inkbrushnme website:
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