5 Classic Thirst-quenching Nimbu Paani Places in Pune

With the temperature soaring to an unbearable extent, it is ever-so-increasingly difficult to step out of our houses in the day time. However, we cannot avoid it regardless of…

With the temperature soaring to an unbearable extent, it is ever-so-increasingly difficult to step out of our houses in the day time. However, we cannot avoid it regardless of how hard we try to shift our routine around. How do we beat this heat then? How do we protect our bodies against this fiery inferno called the Sun? Well, one efficient and proven way is by keeping our body hydrated. Our bodies sweat a lot in the heat, so to battle the onslaught of the harsh summer it is essential that the body is stacked up with adequate glucose and water. Now we all know of the obvious and tasty summer drinks which refuel our body but the champion and the beloved ‘Nimbu Pani’ steals the show every summer. Quick and easy to make, handy to carry around wherever you go and beyond refreshing, this all time favorite cold beverage has been saving us from not just the heat but from the rising tempers as well!
Now Pune witnesses an unimaginable amount of Nimbu Pani vendors every season, but there are a few specific ones who have been impressing us with their variations and additions to this household drink. What makes them so different and where can we sip on these delicious beverages you say? Well, give this one a quick read to find out!
1. Shree Balaji Snacks Centre (Rajaram Bridge, Sinhagad Road)

Balaji Nimbu Stall
Now don’t let the décor and the location of this place fool you, this small shack has an impressive array of cold beverages to which they add their own little touch. Their glass of Nimbu Paani will consist of Mint leaves, Soda, Masala and sometimes a touch of Lime squash if you are one of the lucky early birds! Jam packed with college students as well as IT professionals; it seems that Balaji Snacks Centre has perhaps mastered the art of making an almost perfect glass of Nimbu Paani!

2. Bedekar Tea Stall (Narayan Peth)
Renowned for their Misal, Bedekar’s Nimbu Paani is a diamond in the dirt. They serve their Nimbu Paani in a small glass bottle instead of the usual glasses. Ironically, the reason why Nimbu Paani over here is so great is because it tones down the spice level after eating the piping hot Misal. Bedekar’s doesn’t offer any variations with their Nimbu Paani but then again they don’t need to, the taste much like their Misal is so very Puneri that it brings on sweet childhood memories and nostalgia which leaves you craving for another glass. Simplicity is perfection indeed!
3. Aapli Awad (Girija Shankar, Karve Nagar)

Apli Awad
Aapli Awad is one of those eateries which will leave you in a contrast mindset, you’ll sit down to eat a plate of food item but the glass of Nimbu Paani you drink to wash it down will make your tongue forget the taste of every single bite you have taken before the sip. Don’t get us wrong, the food here is great but the Nimbu Paani is exceptional! A perfect balance of salty and sweet, their glass is chilled to the brim with delicious Nimbu Paani and Lime flavored Soda. A favorite among the hostelites, this place is hands down the best place to have Nimbu Paani if you are ever around in Karve Nagar.

4. Nimbu Paani Vendor at Maati Ganpati Chowk
One of the best things about this vendor is the way he prepares your Nimbu Paani, like an amateur bar tender. With little tricks and twists with his hands, he will serve you a glass without spilling a single drop! As to the Nimbu Paani, it cannot taste any better than this! With Mint leaves and what tastes like just a dash of Jeera, he stores it in small clay pots which are covered with pieces of wet cloth. This definitely does add to the taste of Nimbu Paani which is served with crushed ice and masala. After downing a glass, rest assured that your smile will match the vendor’s happy smile!
5. Nimbu Paani Vendor outside Saras Baug

Extremely popular for its strong and concentrated Nimbu Paani, the speciality of this place however is its Goti Soda. Goti Soda is a carbonated lemon drink which has gained popularity since the 90s. Mixed evenly with Mint leaves, masala and Khus Khus syrup on some occasions, this Goti Soda tastes so unique and fresh that you would be surprised that it’s originated from a street vendor and not your home refrigerator. A perfect drink to sip on if you are travelling towards the city and need a break from the heat and dust!

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