10 Fun Activities to Keep You Busy this Summer

Do you remember the time when you sat in your office or classroom and day dreamed about summer and the infinite possibilities it held for you? Well, now it’s finally here and as usual after a week or two of it gone you have no idea how to kill time…

Do you remember the time when you sat in your office or classroom and day dreamed about summer and the infinite possibilities it held for you? Well, now it’s finally here and as usual after a week or two of it gone you have no idea how to kill time. Worry not, we’ve got some incredibly fun activities and suggestions for you which will make your summer not just bearable but even memorable! So put on your cool shades and see if something grabs your attention.
1. Develop new skills/hobbies
Beat off the heat by indulging in some of your hobbies. We all have some of those now, don’t we? Summer is the perfect time to get around to pursuing some of our interests, may it be playing a musical instrument or learning how to sing or dance. Or, how about photography?!
Where can you learn these:
Dev’s Music Academy, Flame School of Dance, Weekend Photography courses at Bharati Vidyapeeth.
2. Indulge in physical fitness


Now before you frown or even shake your heads, know that we aren’t talking about working out in gyms and doing yoga. We know how boring these can be so how about making it into a fun activity like playing some sort of sport? Basketball and Football or even Cricket are most of the Punekars’ favourite sports. So, get together with your friends and hit the grounds. If this sounds too hectic then how about taking a morning walk or jog with your other precious half? Romance your way to fitness, yo!

Grounds and places which allow you to partake in sports:
College grounds like SP, FC as well as BMCC. Also Tekdis and Sinhagad can be a fun place to hike!
3. Social Media Interactions
We all have something to say against something which is going on around and within the City. Why not project your thoughts by blogging or making your own videos? This could also lead to a surprising career opportunity.

Platforms which will let you host your own thoughts:
Blogging websites like and are not just renowned, they’re absolutely free! Don’t forget Youtube if you are planning to upload your own videos!
4. Learn how to cook/bake
Sick of seeing the guys at Masterchef work their magic? Or your favorite food chain which blows away your mind each time when you bite into their burger or cake? Why don’t you try your hand at making some of those goodies at your own place, it’s not too hard. You just need to start from somewhere and have a little bit of guidance, but we assure you that you won’t ever starve again!

Cooking/Baking classes in Pune:
Rajul’s Cookery Classes, Institute of Baking and Cake Art
5. Focus on Personal Development – ‘cuz, let’s be honest, there’s always room for growth! 😉

Most of us, if not all, have some flaws or shortcomings. How about making them into our strength? Summer is the perfect time to get rid of our stage fright or shyness. Pune has such a culturally rich background that we have too many places which will help you to boost your confidence!

Drama/Theatre clubs in Pune:
AKS- IISER Pune and Swatantra Theatre are two of the really good drama clubs/classes in Pune.
6. Act like a tourist in your own town
Fortunately, we reside in a city which is so diverse and rich in its culture that there’s far too many things for us to see or experience. There are places which will leave you astounded, people who will stun you with what they do. Sounds interesting right? Well, grab your Cameras and head out to explore the old Pune which you’ll never get enough of. We promise you that there is just too much of Pune you haven’t seen yet!

Places You Can See in Pune:
Now this is all up to you, you can start from the basics like Shaniwar Wada and Aga Khan Palace or you can simply explore the old Peths!
7. Volunteer – Make our city a better place

Aren’t we all done with seeing the negativity and hopelessness in your community? Why don’t you take a stand and change things yourself? There’s too many NGOs and Volunteering activities which need active volunteers. Go and find out if you can be of any help to them!

Volunteering Campaigns/NGOs in Pune:
Teach For India, Shiksha, PFA Pune, ResQ Pune are some of the organizations which need your help desperately.
8. Swimming/Water sports
Swimming is hands down, our favorite way to bring on the chill! Too much childhood nostalgia right? You can picture your favorite swimming pools or beaches and you can practically feel the cold sensation of water touching your skin! Well, why not reminisce with your childhood again? Swimming is an activity which never goes out style does it? So go and take a quick splash in your favorite pool and take along your kiddos for some swimming lessons!

Swimming Pools in Pune:
Deccan Gymkhana and Tilak Tank are some good, hygienic water tanks in Pune.
9. Relaxing Indoors
If you are one of the lazy ones like us who would rather chill at home than go out and face the unbearable heat, then we got some cool activities which you can do just to kill some time! Start by redecorating your home or exploring new music, search for some fun homemade beauty products which you can try out. If nothing works, then there’s always arts and crafts or just plain napping!

Indoor activities:
Try websites like or , they host music from some pretty cool musicians you have never heard of! Websites like will give you short and cool beauty tips which you will just love trying out!
10. Read, Write, Voice Your Thoughts

Have you always been fond of poetry and novels, but never get enough time to pick up a book? Well, Summer is here so what are you waiting for? Don’t want to read? Then try penning down your thoughts and post it on the social websites. You will be surprised beyond belief at the response your writings can get!

Good libraries/Poetry clubs in Pune:
British Council Library and Just Books are some of the best libraries in Pune and they also have national branches will accept your membership card wherever you go! Pune Poetry Slam is a poetry group which accepts all budding poets, check them out on Facebook and join them in one of their meets. Also, if you are a writer and well connected to this city then why not contribute to The Punekar? We would love to have you guys on our team!
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