The Harley Diaries (Women's Day Special)

As a woman, sure I like and want to celebrate the day dedicated to us every year- Women’s day. Mostly it’s by watching awards shows on TV, or having a lunch with girlfriends to discuss the finer points of life, planting a huge kiss on my mom’s cheek (greatest woman ever!) – you know, the usual. This year though, I got the opportunity to spend the March 8 with the Two Rivers Harley club in Pune and it sure was a day like no other! Over 30 bikes, a beautiful Sunday morning, enthusiastic folks and heart warming comradery all the way!
Yes, owning a Harley (yourself or a family member) is essential to be part of the group, but had absolutely no problems having inexperienced yet gleeful wide-eyed me and Protima (seen and heard on Punekar- you know her!) as pillion riders. As the story goes, every Harley Davidson store in Pune or any city will have a chapter or a group of riders associated with it and Two Rivers is the chapter of the Harley Store in the Aamanora Town Centre. They meet every week, get on their HOGs and ride with all their might, roaring through wherever they go- whether it be intercity, small rides, overnight rides or even national ones. This city ride specially dedicated to respecting women started off at precisely 9 am with the road captain Sunita Kunjeer leading us through Amanora- Mundhwa- North Main Road, Koregaon Park- East Street – Camp – Hadapsar and back. My happy biker was Mr Sushil Pawar – big hello to you Sir!
Although the ride lasted for just about an hour, this is one hour I am never going to forget! First of all- the sound! The sound of all the fat boys, 750s roaring together on the roads and being a spectacle for every single person to watch (felt like celebrities- everyone on the road was taking pictures!) was just amazing! Secondly, who says boys can have all the fun? Entrepreneur and corporate stalwart Maral Yazarloo and Sunita were leading the ride and have totally inspired me to be a biker now! And thirdly- we had kids who were just three and ten years old joining the parents too. Talk about starting early! But that wasn’t all. The day ended with group pictures, a special cake dedicated to all the women and lots more fun!
A Sunday morning well spent. And I want to go back every single week. Time to get on those biker boots and helmets and get myself a new ride! But honestly, if you are a Harley owner and rider and want to be part of something more than just yourself- this is the group to be in. All hail The Two Rivers!