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One Life, One Love at High Spirits!

Reggae in Pune had never sounded this good! What made it this super? Well, check it out for yourselves.

Away from the dust, heat and generic frustration, this weekend we headed to High Spirits to get hold of their ‘One Love’ Reggae music festival, a tribute to the master of Reggae music: Bob Marley.
This festival promised a lot of love, colors and music through the three days it was supposed to be held and how it delivered! Any event at High Spirits is a source of discussion on social websites and networking, but this festival topped all of it, it was evident from the massive amount of crowd waiting outside High Spirits just to be let in. Unfortunately, not all were lucky, we were amongst the few who could make it in and god, how glad we were for that! If the faint traces of live Reggae music weren’t enough to excite us as the band ‘Rastapariahs’ did a soundcheck, the visuals of the place itself left us speechless. The entire place was adorned in the colors of Reggae, you could blink and forget that you were in Pune and not in Jamaica!

Rastapariahs in action!

Now any Punekar who has been around long enough to witness the city embrace new and different genres of music will tell you that Reggae of all the genres has always been on the backfoot. Is it because Reggae requires a unique mindset to enjoy? Perhaps. But more than a mindset Reggae is a genre which is so raw that you have to let go of the idea that music sounds good only when it is developed commercially in a recording studio, Reggae is and was always meant to be heard live. Get it mon?


The band picked up on their set list shortly after their soundcheck and what started as subtle foot tapping and polite clapping soon converted into a thunderous applause as the band seeped all of their energy into their music. All around us people seemed to be lost in the soulful and happy Reggae beats as the band kept pulling in the crowd with their unfaltering energy by asking them to join in the chorus! We were informed before arriving that Reggae is a genre which doesn’t have as much popularity in Pune as the other genres do, but this misconception was quickly and dutifully cleared by the crowd as they told us that Reggae for them wasn’t just a genre, it had become a lifestyle. Daniel Singh and Anish Jhaver , dentists working in the suburban Pune were happy to inform us that although High Spirits for them had become a second home, the night for them was all about Reggae! “You live your life without making Reggae as a part of it and you are existing, you make it a part of your life and you are living!”, they said before applauding as the band finished their set list for the night.

high 3

A few visible sad glances and moans before the lovely crowd at High Spirits finally decided to forgive them and let them go, but there was no compromising on the energy the music had left behind in its wake. The night if not memorable would definitely be considered as one of the happiest, how could it not be when Reggae had shown us it’s amazing potential? All in all this festival was a huge success, thankfully because of the impeccable management of High Spirits who once again proved to us that ‘da high’ if experienced responsibly, can be so much better than what you can ever expect.