Oh please!

The Aam Aadmi Party!

I’ve been living on my own in a one-bedroom flat in Pune for the last five years. My cocoon of an apartment has given me enough memories to last forever – some amazing and some depressing. Regardless, I can tell you one thing from my experience, house parties rock! Despite having been to most nightclubs, bars and lounges across the city, I could never really become a party animal. I would any day take a cozy, comfy house party with enough food and drinks to last for two days, over dancing with strangers in a club with blaring music. Also, house parties are cheap, especially, when you’re paying a fortune as a tenant.
So, when my next monthly paycheck is eons away, I know how to roll the ball. Four friends, four bean bags, a terrace, an upbeat playlist, psychedelic lights and a drink in hand. If you’re a newbie to the city, kick-starting your college life or just relocated to Pune for a new job, here go some pointers to make it one hell of a house party without breaking the bank. Minimum investment, maximum fun!

  • A tube light or a fluorescent bulb is a major put off (forgive the pun). But then, I have never invested in lamps! A killer idea to turn your living room into a psychedelic junction is to cover your bulb with a coloured, translucent polybag. Do it and you’ll see. FYI, the red-coloured Pune Central polybag works just perfect!
  • Alternately, place a series of cheap Chinese lights into your old glass bottles and put them on. You’ll be amazed with the ambience they create!
  • Bean bags – FTW! They look cool, are super-comfy and, so cheap! Red, black, blue or printed, bean bags are the ultimate party must-haves. Also, purchase a couple of cotton mattresses to go along with them.
  • I’m not a fan of paper cups. They’re so weak and, look awful! So, why not pick up a set of six classic glasses for your drinks from that grocery store nearby? Today, almost every grocery store sells glassware at astonishingly cheap rates. A stroll through Lakshmi Road and Tulsi Baug will amaze you with their collection! Get funky and startle your friends with some awesome collectibles.
  • Unless you own a China-made cell phone, your phone speakers aren’t enough to set the mood of the evening. But, here’s the alternative – Funky, portable speakers! They can easily be purchased online and, are so cheap, you might want to cry! Now, I won’t say they’re long-lasting and come with a warranty. But hey, student life is all about quantity over quality. Don’t you agree? Also, if you live in an apartment, those tiny portable speakers may just turn out to be a blessing for your neighbours!
  • Keep expensive objects out of reach. Or, simply, put them in your cupboard for the evening. Unless your idea of a house party is having a quiet dinner with your pals, your friends could risk breaking those priceless items. Just saying.
  • As for food, unless you’re living in a remote corner of the city, Pune is loaded with midnight food delivery options. Order away and have delicious food delivered right at your doorstep!

Image Credit: By Tom Page used under Creative Commons License