Tarot Card Talk with reader Janki Athwani

“Spiritual healing is like bar hopping- when people need anchors, they go “hopping” from one source to another. Everyone wants faith in something” An interview with Janki Athwani, a Tarot Card reader, had me viewing tarot card reading and spirituality like never before- no drama, no mysterious vibes, no ‘negative energies’, only plain optimism. Her clients swear by her readings and her never-say-die attitude. One interview with the charming lady, and I couldn’t help but agree. Excerpts…
When did you know you had “psychic abilities”? How did you feel about it?
The age of ‘enlightenment’ would be somewhere between 11-13 years when I started realising that for no reason I could understand palm reading. I would look at the palm and tell the person whatever I could see. Mind you, I didn’t know the P of palmistry. People would ask me to explain what the lines meant and I’d be clueless. I guess it was a medium to see the person’s soul. Whatever it was, it made me realise that it made sense to people and that maybe I did possess some ‘power’. I had a fun time getting used to it . I felt it was all natural. The visions made sense to me.
How did your family and friends react to your ‘talent’?
Meh, they laughed at me. No one took me seriously. I was also a very timid kid so I couldn’t really convince anyone I guess (laughs).
When did you decide to make this your profession?
I was 50 when I decided to start my readings. My daughter is a psychic too and told me I’d start reading Tarot Cards, and this was way before I could even think of this medium! I hadn’t ever thought of or spoken about cards, and it all seemed strange to me. But things worked out according to the grand plan and here I was, starting my career in my fifties!
What has been your greatest triumph as a spiritual guide?
I wish I could point out one incident, I really do. Everything has been magical, every story has been a miracle. Miracles are happening every day, all around us. We just need to fine tune our ESPs.
Many people ask for validation. What are your views about this?
I believe the proof is in eating the pudding. But at the end of it, it’s the clients call. I sometimes go to the extent of telling my clients, “Listen, if you’re not happy don’t pay me!” I don’t have to say this anymore though. I have had only one ‘disappointed’ client in my entire career, but okay, I’m not perfect.
What sets you apart from others in your field?
I guess it’s my willingness to help and stay connected with the clients even after the session is done. I sometimes connect with someone who was previously here for a reading and quickly call them to tell them what I saw. I guess this is what works for me.
I also feel my optimism is a little contagious- people do end up feeling a lot better once the reading is done.
You also do auto-writing…
Yes, everyday! It’s a simple process for me now, I just need to say my prayer and connect with the spirits. I have my guides, they all love me, and it’s a part of my life now! Once in a while, people do request for a writing too, and the messages that their (deceased) loved ones have to send to them are almost magical. It’s a beautiful feeling! Don’t ask me how I got into it, it just happened! I just connected!
What do you feel about free will and destiny?
I think it’s all pre-determined. I am very clear about it. But you know what, instead of worrying about the past or future, live in the present. I don’t think anything is as beautiful as being in the moment.
What is the most misunderstood thing about spirituality?
That it provides instant solutions. That’s something that people need to be made aware of. Everyone feels those who take the spiritual path are weak, vulnerable and groping in the dark for an anchor, that only those who are going through troubled times have to choose this path. All this is hogwash. I believe everyone is born with ESPs, we just need to focus on it once in a while. It’s a beautiful feeling being so in tune with your soul. High time we opened up to this thought.
Any advice to those who wish to learn tarot card reading?
Go right ahead! Once you bond with your cards, just see how lovely the world becomes. Go for it!
The smile on my face while I walked back home felt a little strange, and I realised it was after very long that I had ‘lived in the moment’ Personally, a definite recommendation, it’s always a good feeling to meet someone so warm, optimistic and happy. You can contact Janki on or 98225 47479.