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Be My Sugary Valentine!

Desserts. Who doesn’t love them? Whether it’s the end of a meal, or the start of busy day or a night out with friends, desserts are had at every small occasion. And now we are spoilt for choice too! From gulkand cheesecakes to  red velvet ras malais to just good ol ice cream, its pretty endless. And this growing base has given rise to plenty of home bakers and interested parties alike. This friday saw a congregation on 30 such women for a baking Valentine Special Masterclass at the Hyatt Pune over pink drinks, chocolate mud pie and a very vibrant chef!
First up- for people who have never taken a baking class, I suggest you take one asap and get into the sugary groove. Its so much fun! Held at the restaurant Eighty Eight, this class was a first for me too. The agenda was pretty much set- 8 recipes, live demonstration and plenty of eating along the way. Chef Yatik who has been the Chef De Patei for the last 4 years at the Hyatt was our teacher for the evening against a lovely summer setting.
8 recipes which had the likes of a Chocolate and Strawberry Fellutine, Honeyed Ginger Creme Caramel, Tuxedo Strawberries were on the menu for the demos! Having never made any of this ever in my life, Chef Yatik’s step by step demonstration answered many questions and he also sprung out pretty useful tips! Did you know that you could use some coca cola in your cakes to add a little bounce to them? Who ever knew! Chocolate truffle mousse was made and we all know what happened to the whole batch, don’t we? (yes- we ate plenty). The highlight for me personally for the evening was the hazelnut praline and strawberry sandwich- it was crispy and full of flavour. Although on the down side- the mud pie was not very gooey or pie-ish at all. And I would also liked to get a hands on experience too. I hope the Hyatt is listening!
So the bottomline- all in all it was an evening well spent! So if you are into baking or even want to make something to impress your valentine this year, get that sugar high and have a happy one! And we’ll keep you posted on the next Master Class!