8 Unusual Cocktails in Pune!

We toured the city and came up with a list of eight unusual cocktails. Drink, but responsibly, Punekars! 
Port Kokum: A homemade Goan wine recipe with a hint of kokum and a punch of seasonal spices, it’s the perfect drink to go with food and starters. We love this simple cocktail for its significant flavour and warming tones.
Where: Stone Water Grill, Koregaon Park
Long Jack Iced Tea: Don’t limit yourself from pouring your JD straight from the bottle. Order your Long Jacks that are a heady mix of Jack Daniels, Eristoff, Camino Bacardi Superior, Gin Triple Sec and Cola. This one is a slight variation of the Long Island Iced Tea and is sure to leave you light headed in no time.
Where: High Spirits, ABC Farms, Koregaon Park
Kue-llusion 4:  Bartender Sachin Gowda whips up this exquisite and unusual cocktail that reminded us of a bowl of punch served during Christmas. Made with Whiskey, Rosso Vermouth, Malibu, Angastura Bitters, with a dash of warm sweet spices like Clove, Cinnamon and Star Anise; it is even served in an old fashioned glass. There is no better way to share this than with friends, family while you’re surrounded with music and laughter.
Where: Kue Bar, Westin, Kalyani Nagar
Golden Dazzle:  We like to call this one Sunny Summer because it instantly reminded us of receding sunrays, lazy evenings and patio chatting. The Gin, Ginger Ale and Lemon Juice combination is a classic and one that is rejuvenating and warming at the same time.
Where: Fishbowl, Hyatt Regency, Nagar Road
Californian Zombie: Made from 6 of the best rums around the world, this one comes on like a rich, old fashioned drink, but forthright in its flavors. It is intertwined by notes of cinnamon and sherry. Unlike the usual cocktails, there are no additions like synthetic flavours or ice, so definitely not for the lighthearted. Warned.
Where: The Ship, Kalyani Nagar
Jameson Irish Coffee: The Irish knew what they were doing when they combined coffee, whiskey and whipped cream. This hot cocktail has been on our to-drink list since a long time. Enjoy this smooth concoction and let us know if you enjoy it as much as we did.
Where: The Irish House, Phoenix Market City, Viman Nagar
Siam Sunrays: Siam Sunrays is Malaysia’s national cocktail. Nothing brown about this one; just a strong Malaysian cocktail with a spicy and strong Vodka, Malibu and Coconut Rum. Add to this some fresh lemon juice, ginger, and then a green chilli bashed into it. It comes to you garnished with a Thai red chilli. Yikes! A spicy cocktail, but definitely worth a shot.
Where: Hyatt Regency, Airport Road
Pornstar Martini: A decent splash of Absolut Vodka doubled with Passion Fruit puree & Euriska’s secret ingredients; it’s served straight up and pumped with bubbles. This one is a lady’s drink for sure. Sweet and potent at the same time. Well, that’s how we love em!
Where: Euriska, Koregaon Park