Spirit Talk: A Psychic Medium Delves into the Afterlife

When a loved one dies, it leaves a void that can barely be filled with words. No matter how well meaning or empathic they are. But Renuka, a well known psychic medium claims to communicate with those who have crossed over to the other side and bring back messages from them. These messages help give a closure to those left behind, here on Earth.
Here are some extracts from a fascinating conversation with Renuka.
Q: So you can connect with souls. How did you realize you had this within you?
Till I was 24 years of age I was not very spiritual, or even religious. Then suddenly one day, my hands started writing words without any force from my side. Thinking it was a psychiatric problem, I took some medication which helped. But it was back 2 years later. That was when I got in touch with Nan Umrigar, author of a bestselling book, ‘Sounds of Silence’. She, through the process of automatic writing with her deceased son, made me aware of my ability to communicate with the spirit world through automatic writing and later through clairvoyance and trance channeling.
Q: How does this happen? Spirits come to you, or you go them? Why do they even answer questions?
I conduct channeling sessions at home and through my website. Usually people visit me when someone close to them passes away without a chance to say goodbye. There are emotional wounds, burden or guilt that need a closure. I call the souls of their loved ones and ask their questions. If the loved one’s soul wishes, answers are provided. These answers help people here on earth move on.
The reason why souls answer questions is because they have knowledge. Besides, even they can’t move ahead when their loved ones on earth are grief stricken.
Q: We hear a lot about bad souls refusing to leave. Do bad souls also come to you?
Yes, if a bad soul decides not to leave, it is extremely difficult to make it leave. Which is why, we always use protection techniques to keep negativity at bay and to shield ourselves from anything which is not good for our path. It’s difficult to get rid of such energies, prevention is better than cure always.
Besides, these so called negative spirits who have lost their way who can interfere with our aura and disrupt a channeling session.
Q: Can anyone become a medium? Are you connected to the spirits all the time?
Yes, we all are mediums to an extent. We just need to be connected, grounded and most importantly silent, for subtle energies to come to us. By silent, I mean silence of thoughts. Only then, can we know or understand what these are trying to say to us. In some cases like mine, we are born with this gift and it comes naturally to us. I am connected to my masters, Meher Baba and Sai Baba all the time.
Q: Do people change when they cross over? Can you also communicate with spirits if they don’t speak English?
Yes, people do change, because their souls gain new wisdom and spiritual knowledge that was only available to them in parts when they were on earth. Now, in the after-life, they gain the whole picture. But the basic personalities and views remain the same.
Spirits or souls, do not communicate in any particular language. There is no speech, only thought and energy that gets transferred from them to us. Sometimes, I get visions that need to be interpreted or even feelings. So yes, I can communicate with souls even if they can’t speak at all!
Q: Can people watch you in the process of getting connected to spirits?
Yes, of course! In fact I encourage people to be present during their channeling sessions as it helps when their own energies are present while dealing with their loved ones’ souls. People feel the difference in energy when their loved ones start communicating with me. Some feel sleepy while others feel warm and healed.
Q: OK, so I’m sitting with you and if spirits don’t come through to answer my queries, what does that mean?
Usually, if a soul hasn’t been re-incarnated, it comes when called by a loved one. But in extremely rare cases, a soul has evolved so much (if a long time has passed since it departed), it doesn’t want to be involved in the past anymore and hence won’t come.
Q: Is what you do considered black magic? Are you a part of any wikka circle or group?
Black Magic is “black” because it involves specifically calling upon negative entities for material gain, to seek revenge or harm someone out of jealousy.  It is manipulation of a person’s free-will.
My work involves serving my masters Meher Baba and Sai Baba, who were good and humanitarian souls. They will never allow manipulation or anything remotely negative. And no, I’m not a part of any Wikka circle or group.
Q: How can people contact you? What’s the process of getting in touch with you?
I have a blog,, where people can get in touch with me about their grief and loss of loved ones. Apart from this, I conduct free channeling and healing sessions at my place at NIBM Kondhwa where help can be sought directly. My contact no. is 09921089586.