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Reviewed: The Flying Saucer Skybar (Viman Nagar)

Tis the season to be jolly and merry and enjoy the weather with some nice whiskey! And you wouldn’t particularly experience the chilled crispness of a wintery night inside a restaurant and that’s why rooftop restaurants were invented. Dramatically known as a ‘Sky Bars’ now, when I heard one had opened 30 seconds away from home, off to the roofs we went! The Flying Saucer, one of the newest entrants in the restaurant/bar space in the already super crowded Viman Nagar does have an ace up its sleeve. Read on.
The Flying Saucer is located in Lunkad Sky Vista (bang next to Dorabjee’s) and is on the 9th floor. While there is indoor seating available, on the terrace is where it’s most enjoyable. The rooftop has a very minimal design with “date night” seats for the love doves and big sofa seating for the party ones. I did like that the tables are far away from each other so no one can hear your conversation or vice versa- you eavesdrop on them. Funny signs like The “Don’t Tell Your Momma Bar”, or The “Last Night a DJ Saved My Wife Bar” adorn the pillars and a huge bar sits in the middle. And the ace: the same huge space is also present on the other side of the terrace with its own bar. So seating at any point of time in the night/week shouldn’t be an issue.
Staff, alcohol and sheesha 
We got a table by the edges of the terrace and got on to ordering some drinks! First of all, let’s just say- its expensive. Well, the cocktails are expensive at an average of 325-400 bucks/cocktail. We ordered a Cosmopolitan and a Long Island Ice Tea and both were delicious! Full props to the bartender. But then again, beers start from Rs. 110/pint, so I guess the price depends on your taste.  Also, be careful while ordering your mixers, a diet coke cost us Rs. 105! That’s just ridiculous!  The staff, while friendly are quite slow. They just sort of hang around the bar without paying much attention to the customers. Need to get their act together there. Overall, still happy and starters were ordered. On a side note, sheesha is also available in a variety of funky flavours.
Vegetable Thai Spring Rolls and Chicken Satay (with peanut sauce) were our starters. The Thai roll was well done with good seasoning and was pretty light. The chicken was well done, spicy and sweet and had quite a nice lingering peanuty aftertaste. I must put a small word in about the quantity though- for starters that cost between 300-400 bucks each, a little more in every plate is required. For main course, desi mood set in – Dal Makhni and Prawns Vindaloo were ordered and both were absolutely yummy! The main course in the restaurant is individually portioned (like a mini meal) and comes with its side of rice/roti. Again- it’s expensive, averaging between Rs. 300-400/meal. For dessert, there wasn’t much choice- brownie and gulab jamun. Brownie was devoured in exactly 30 secs – it was warm, beautifully choclatey and big enough. Overall, the food is pretty good and the menu is exhaustive. Everything from desi to Mexican to Italian, you are going to be spoilt for choice.
Given the spacious seating and good food, I would definitely go back here again! The Flying Saucer is a great place for a night to catch up with old friends or just sit back and relax under the stars. The only caveat though- be ready to shell quite a pretty penny and hopefully not be annoyed by the semi-slow service. But since it’s just a week old, let’s hope it gets better!