Reviewed: Feast (formerly La Brasserie) @ Le Meridian

La Brasserie at Le Meridian has revamped it’s entire menu and re-launched itself as “Feast” from the prestigious Group of Sheraton hotels. Feast is said to be the new destination for a “gastronomic delight”. Did it live up to it’s promise? Let’s find out…
I walked into a warm, brightly lit dining space and was immediately reminded of a cozy cottage hidden away on a small hill station, with earthy tones and soft, bright lights dominating the interiors in their warm glow. The spread of food in front of me was beyond my imagination. Four types of cuisines, each with a large variety of options in starters, main course and desserts- I felt like a kid in a candy store!
The hospitality at Le Meridian has always been great- I wasn’t surprised when the staff took an active role in helping you decide what cheese to eat, whether or not to try a certain meat and helping you select almost everything onto your plate! They made us feel at home, so much so that we didn’t realise it was time to leave at 11:30pm!
Some of the dishes served were the non-veg and veg Sushi, baked Zaitooni Jhinga, Anjeer aur khoya ke kofte, Steamed Seabass, Potato and Spinach Pie, Dum Biryani, Dal Makhani, Paella and Lebanese Meshwi Grill.
Executive Chef Nader Shaikh in a quick chat with us told us about the unique feature of Feast- a one-of-a-kind hot stone induction top and four glass induction live counters that are safe, keep the food warm at all times and also allow diners to interact with chefs. What did he feel about taking such a big risk by providing such a wide variety of cuisines? “It’s a tough job, but I don’t want people to get bored after the first visit. There’s always something new to experience here. I have specialised teams for every cuisine- it’s all in safe hands and I can guarantee you a different experience each time you visit.”
And the statement couldn’t be more true- from fun to fine dining, Feast leaves you with a different feeling with each cuisine. My favorite was the Awadhi cuisine- I might have gone back for my third helping of Awadhui Mutton, Murgh Kalyan, Dal Maharani and Dum Biryani.
Explaining the signature program ‘Color your plate’, Nader Shaikh said, “We encourage guests to eat healthy, nutrient-dense food as part of a well-balanced meal to increase energy and performance. ‘Color Your Plate’ dishes are part of meals that include three colors from fruits and vegetables, use lean proteins and whole grains, not fried, less than 500 calories and have more than 3 grams of fiber.”
The dessert counter had me excited like a little child. Gajar Halwa, Gulabjamun, Malai Chumchum, Keshar Barfi, Basboosa, Baklawa, Blueberry Buckle, Gooseberry Yoghurt Fool, Cinnamon Churros, Apple & Berry Strudel, Greek Loukoumades, Fig & Maple Cake, Oreo Delight, Fresh Strawberry in Marble Chocolate, Philadelphia Baked Cheese Cake, Chocolate Genache Tart, Key Lime Pie, Mexical Flan, Banana & Walnut Pudding;  20 desserts and I tried 15 of them. Only because there was no more place on my plate. And I missed out of the ice-creams only because I was extremely comfortable in my spot after finishing off my first round of desserts.
Best dinner buffet in a long, long time! They have an interesting breakfast menu too, wherein they serve some interesting fusion dishes; Idli with Poached Eggs anyone? Le Meridian used to be a favorite back in 2011. I’m definitely returning this time around as well.