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Reviewed: Chhavni (Make your own Kebab!)

Chhavni is a fine dine restaurant on the Mumbai-Banglore highway, just below the Katraj bypass bridge when going from Sinhagad Road side towards Katraj. The ambiance is nice and quiet, with warm lighting. They have a nice outdoor section with a bar counter serving beer from the tap. This was the location for their Make Your Own Kebab counter.
How it works: Choose your Marination, Choose your Meat, Relax on your seat, and it will be served.
Here is what we had:
BBQ Chicken – Classic taste of BBQ sauce, the right amount of sweet and savory, and cooked to perfection. The kebabs just melted in the mouth.
Chicken Phalli – The classical chicken tikka re-invented. The kebabs were nice and spicy with the right amount of heat. Perfect amount of char on the kebabs and cooked well.
Cafreal Prawns – The green cafreal paste is a complicated mixture of roasted spices, coriander and green chilies, and is heavenly when done right. Savory and hot, Chhavni got it bang on. The well-coated prawns were cooked perfectly and this dish was a star.
Creole Prawns – Chhavni did a good job of these. The paprika, oregeno and thyme flavours did stand out, which is a tough thing to achieve in most cases when eating preparations with creole marinations.
The accompanying garlic curd as well as mustard based tomatoes and onion chutney are mind-blowingly tasty although audaciously simple in terms of ingredients.

All-in-all, a grand Kebab experience; highly recommended!