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#ResolutionPune2015: Nightlife

When it comes to nightlife, we often complain that there’s nothing to do. We’re bored of visiting the same old places, bored of the same old routines. Sometimes, it becomes easier to stay in with your bunch of indecisive friends! High prices, early shut downs, parking troubles are some of the common reasons for this behaviour. So what is the next step to guarantee happiness for the unhappy night owls? It’s a new year, let’s resolve to make the nightlife a little better this year, shall we? Here’s what we had in mind-
Let’s start with the basics- how many of us have rejected a place solely because parking is a pain? How about a rule that says all clubs will have valet parking with no extra costs? Is that too much to ask for? The amount some places charge us for valet parking (Rs. 200-400. We wish we were joking too)! What’s next? Paying to use the restrooms? By doing away with extra parking charges we ensure that the customer is comfortable, and safe. There have been times when girls have been seen walking out onto the roads to get their cars, way past midnight. We don’t need that sort of risk now, do we?
Entry and Cover Charges
Why do we even have this system? For crowd control? Then why don’t we make it simpler by having a standard rule of ‘entry plus cover charges’ only? There are clubs that charge a bomb for the entry and this amount does not include the cover charge. Am I paying that much to groove to the usual commercial music for an hour and a half and buy diluted drinks that cost a bomb? Doesn’t an “Entry plus Cover” system on Fri-Sat-Sun work for everybody? Or do away with this rule completely!
Clubs in Pune remain open till 1:30am-3:00am, but it’s the pubs that have to face the maximum disappointed customers. Can we look at a 12:30-am deadline for pubs, instead of the usual 11:30-pm one? People get out of their homes at 9:00 pm, and an early deadline never works for anyone. Not everyone wants to go clubbing every night, and not everyone starts drinking at 7:00pm. Extension of deadlines, at least on weekends, will be a big relief for all of us!
Couple Entry- No stags allowed
What is the point of this rule? What do the stags do? Do you mean to say that stags cannot enter a club and are not allowed to dance? Clubs with this rule are usually avoided since it’s a pain to figure out who to enter with. All right then, how about you introduce some singles bars in the city? Bombay has quite a few of them, there’s no harm in trying them out here!
Traffic Control
We need a stricter crowd and traffic control on weekends, especially between 11:00pm-2:00pm. There have been times when we have spent more time in traffic jams than in clubs. Roads are blocked, tempers are running high and with a little alcohol in the system it’s a little difficult to get things sorted quickly. Better traffic management would definitely help. Also, why can’t we have breath analyzer tests everyday? Why only on major occasions like NYE and Christmas? Safety is important everyday.
We hope the officials consider this and save us from the same old night-out experience, paying too much for a valet parking or entry charges or spending never-ending minutes in a traffic jam. Hope they’re listening!
Image Credit: By Karen used under Creative Commons License