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Happy New Year!! Now what?

It’s afternoon, you can barely get out of bed, the head is splitting in fifty  directions and the sunlight  hurts your eyes, making you feel like a vampire. That, ladies and gentlemen, signals the arrival of a new year and the beginning of new resolutions, new to-do lists and a brand new event cycle in your life. Here’s how you make this  year better than the rest. Read on!
Sleep all day. Start the new year slow with a “me” day.
New year days are not just meant for nursing hangovers; this time around make it a day just for you. Sleep, veg out in front of the TV with a big bag of chips, put on a face pack and watch reruns all day. No work, no play – just laze. To start a hectic year ahead, plenty of rest is required. This way you have plenty of energy to break all your new year resolutions.
Don’t make resolutions- chances are that you aren’t going to follow through (#TrueStory). 
Whoever started this resolutions fad obviously never kept up with theirs either- I’m pretty sure. So before you go making ridiculous ones or maybe the usual ones like “going to lose weight”, or “going to get over the ex”, or “quit smoking”- 90% chances that you are not going follow through. So why go through all the trouble at  all? Ease into resolutions during the course of the year- maybe around mid-June after you’ve settled in.
Clean your Facebook friends’ list. 
I’m pretty sure you must met a dozen random people over the new year party crawl and another dozen in the previous year. Now that you have too many friends already, clean that Facebook list. Delete or unfriend people who annoy you, are not in touch with or are generally a pain and bring about negativity. Stick to your real friends and say bye to the virtual ones. It feels really good after taking out the garbage- trust me.
While you are at, clean the house too.
Nothing feels as good as a clean house. So this new year, throw out everything you don’t need and let go of the hoarder in you. Old t-shirts, shoes, broken tupperware- anything, just get rid of it and start fresh. And the more you throw, the more you can buy, so get cracking!
Also, make sure that you donate something to your local NGO, no reason why one man’s trash can’t become another man’s treasure.
If you were at a house party, recycle the empty bottles of alcohol. Or start a new hobby- glass painting!
The floor is going to be covered in beer bottles. You know it will be. So instead of just giving it off to your cleaning lady, recycle them into lamps and innovative art. Or recycle them at your local kabadiwalla- let’s be eco-responsible, yes? It’ll give you a good-citizen-glowing feeling, I promise. Or better still, print party pictures and send it to your friends like a message in a bottle!
Make this new year a blast! And if you can’t or don’t have the energy to, just go back to sleep. There’s always next year. No pressure.

Image Credit: By Epic Fireworks used under Creative Commons License