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Funny Side Up with Indian Comedy Club

Stand-up comedy in last five odd years has seriously gotten into a mainstream entertainment scene everywhere! Gone are the days where you would have to wait for a comedy show for weeks; now there are stand-up comedians performing almost everyday in some club/bar/restaurant/festival or the other. The last Wednesday saw Indian Comedy Club at Euriska with 3 hilarious comedians!
The comedians this time around were the rather big Jeveshu Ahluwalia, Sonali Thakker and Amit Tandon. While these guys have been making the rounds in Mumbai quite a bit, I think this is the first time they performed in Pune (please correct me if I am wrong here!). While Mr Jeveshu was pretty much the Punjabi man decoding the Punjabiness of people’s lives and the stereotype, he kept the crowd roaring with a set which was almost 80% Hindi – which is not seen much in Indian comedy these days. Yes, we see the traditional bad words being used like bread on butter- Ahluwalia’s set took his everyday life scenarios of staying with his mom, him being called fat (in many different ways!) and the ripping of single people in the crowd.
Sonali Thakker on the other hand was such a find! I have never seen her perform before, and boy was I surprised! For a 25-year-old, she has pretty good stage presence. Being a gujju and living in a joint family truly provides some great material to work with. Her “Bangkok” series of jokes followed by a cute funny routine about her relationship with her boyfriend and several more gujju bhai stuff! Pity her set was only about 15 minutes or so; wish it had gone on for longer.
The final one on the list – Amit Tandon. He was the crowd worker. Marriage (the good and bad of it), relationships and life as he sees it was his game for the crowd. Quite the funny man, his tiny bit of awkwardness on stage works in his favor! A special mention to the MC of the show – Mikhail Almeida – he was the man! While he had only small bits in the middle of the acts, I am definitely going to check his performance out again! At one point while making a fat joke on himself, he pulled up his sweatshirt and showed his stomach to everyone! Haw!
A night full of great laughter and giggles!