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Sunburn Pune – There’s a First Time for Everything

How the music at Sunburn Pune fared…

What started in 2007 as a music festival in Goa- Sunburn has now become a haven and a benchmark for all music/EDM festivals in India. But what has changed over the years are the pre- and post-events that follow it . Can’t make it to Sunburn all the way to Goa? No problem at all- pick one of the many pre-parties with your favourite headliner and get your own mini Sunburn! And this time the city to be hit by this craze- our very own Pune. Sure, there’s a first time for everything- but sometimes, maybe not.
The Pune leg of Sunburn Mania had Carnage as the headliner and Anish Sood, Sebjack, Ashtrix and Zavion as supporting acts. A good mix of commercial and some heavy dancey beats! I have always been a fan of Anish Sood (totally on the list of upcoming DJs in India) and was keen to listen to Sebjack too. So onwards we marched to the amphitheater at Ishanya Mall to dance our booties off!
First let’s get a little technical in terms of the sound and light setup at the amphitheater. The sound was loud enough (but not scratchy), good acoustics for a space that size and the DJ stage was at a good height- short enough to see the DJ play and tall enough for the artist to include the crowd in their pictures! The background design could have been a little better- but it really isn’t worth complaining about. On to the music- I caught the end of Ashtrix and Zavion and was getting into the vibe completely. Not that I can say much for the set they played, it got everyone pumped up for the evening and the crowd was just settling in! Anish Sood took over next and boy was he a crowd pleaser! He is one of the DJs to look out for, as his mixes WILL make you get up and shake it! Anyway- he played all the popular tracks from Ellie Goulding to Florence and the Machine to even Zedd & Matthew Koma. All in all, the mix never gave up its energy and I give it two thumbs up! Never stopped dancing for the whole set!
Anish Sood was followed by Sebjack, the 24-year-old Swede who I particularly loved! His set was pretty banging right from the start- but for some reason the volume on the speakers was turned down after the first 20 minutes in. Daft Punk’s cult hit- Harder Better Faster Stronger came on, the drop kicked in and then boom! The music stopped and cops were on the stage! And the rest as you will know from the very epic soundings on the Sunburn Pune Facebook page is history.
I really wish Carnage had gotten to play to the Indian audience, which has grown to appreciate EDM so much more and has found a genuine liking for it! As this was the last Indian city on Carnage’s tour, we ain’t gonna get to see him anytime soon now. So much for all the hype Sunburn.
P.S: If you are going to Sunburn Goa this year, do not forget to check out Dmitri Vegas & Like Mike, Sasha, Knife Party, BLOT, Sasha and Matthew Koma. Barring all technical issues at the venue (if any), these guys are sure to keep your feet moving!