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Reviewed: Dunkin Donuts – Now in Pune! (Phoenix Market City)

Aala re aala, donutwalla aala! The hugely popular international American donut chain opened its maiden Pune store bang right in the middle of the food court at Phoenix Market City in Viman Nagar this week. And boy, did it get eyeballs ! The huge line had people standing to get a taste since 8 am and also a chance to win a free coupon booklet guaranteeing free donuts for the rest of the year (365 donuts to be precise!). Great way to get the hungry janta along!
Donuts on display were The Boston Cream, Mint Blue, Go Bananas (hope I’m saying that right), original glaze, cinnamon, jelly filled, chocolate cake, chocolate eclair, blueberry filled and many more. Glazed was perfect- fluffy, buttery and just right. I expected more from the cinnamon, but it ended up being more powdery and low on flavor. The jelly-filled had a great centre, but it takes a while to get there! Chocolate cake was kinda unique- never had a donut cake before and I was pleasantly surprised- dense, chocolatey and yum. I do wish the donuts were served warm because that would have taken up the flavor quotient atleast another notch up. Dunkin also had a sort of never-been-tried-before donut combination of chilly, white chocolate and guava jelly. It’s not something that everybody would like- but personally, I enjoyed the mixture of the semi-sweet chocolate and tartness of the guava. And lastly- the mint blue, a pepperminty donut. Highly ok. Nothing to talk home about.
For the convenience of the many who do not want to stand at the counter and be picky, small boxes of 6 assorted donuts were being sold for about Rs. 300, which puts the donuts at about Rs. 50 a pop. Decent enough pricing, considering their main competition is Mad Over Donuts, which also sells almost at the same price.
Dunkin Donuts has a range of bagel sandwiches, wraps, coffees and shakes as well- I didn’t try any though. Coffees were priced at Rs. 100 for a regular cup, which puts it square between all coffee ranges- not too expensive and not too cheap.
All in all, for a first day launch, Dunkin Donuts was welcomed with great pomp and ceremony. Here’s hoping the donut goodness continues and keeps the customers coming back for more!