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PK – The Review

With every new project the writer director team of Rajkumar Hirani (Director, co-producer and co-writer)) and Abhijat Joshi (co-writer) get ambitious as well as audacious. After taking on the medical profession, education system and making Gandhigiri famous, Hirani and Joshi daringly question the rituals that we Indians blindly follow, out of faith and out of fear. The movie PK does not question the existence of God but questions the way we try to reach out to the almighty, often under the influence of so called god-men.
As many of us knew even before the release of the movie, Aamir Khan plays the role of PK, an alien astronaut visiting the earth for his research. As it happens, the moment he lands he loses his only device which could summon the spacecraft to take him back home. The rest of the movie is his struggle to recover back the device and the interesting people that he encounters. First such person that he meet is a large hearted bandwala Bhairon Singh (played by Sanjay Dutt) who inadvertently helps PK find his speech. Another person that finds PK interesting and amusing is a story seeking journalist Jagat Janani aka Jaggu (Anushka Sharma) who first thinks PK is a fake but later on when convinced that he truly is from out of this world, she agrees to help him find the device. While at it, whenever PK inquires about where he can find his device, the common answer his gets is “God Knows”. That sets him on his mission to find God.
PK is a complex character. He does not blink at all; he does not understand ways of our world and finds it weird that humans often say something while they mean something else. Aamir Khan as PK once again proves that he is an actor who does not take his superstardom for granted. He seeks out challenging roles, put immense efforts and gives us something which we haven’t got before, either from him or anyone else. By far, this is Aamir Khan’s best performance yet.
Anushka Sharma gets as much screen-time as Aamir Khan and skilfully displays a range of emotions. Sushant Singh Rajput does his job well and so does Boman Irani in his small role. Sanjay Dutt as a large hearted bandwala Bhairon Singh is absolute fun to watch and the highly talented Saurabh Shukla as a God-man is quite convincing. While the songs are not memorable, they never intrude the story and are quite enjoyable to watch in the film.
Now I am going to tell you what I think is Hirani’s success code. Here’s my theory – his are the only films during which you find yourself smiling even when tears may be rolling down your cheeks. Let me elaborate. Hirani, with big contribution coming from his co-writer Joshi, choses a subject which all of us can relate to. Having locked you with the subject, he makes you laugh with sharp and witty dialogues and all of a sudden with interesting turns of events he makes you cry. And even as you are on that emotional high and realise the moistness in your eyes, he manages to put a smile back on your face. What an amazing emotional roller coaster ride and a satisfying movie experience. Remember this while watching PK and all his earlier movies and you will know what I mean.
Finally, like all his previous movies, PK too has a message. A message that will make you want to change, among other things, yourself. Not many movies have that effect on the audience.
So guys, go for it. And yes, don’t be in hurry to rush out of the theatre. You will see someone, who I hope will team up with this director for his next movie.