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In Conversation with The Second Row Ladies

Ladies, you don’t want to miss this!

A  chic, sophisticated online marketplace stocked with upscale resale boutique items from the biggest brands, The Second Row is a unique destination for all that a woman really, really wants- Clothes. Shoes. Bags. Accessories.
The Second Row offers collections from some of the biggest names in the fashion industry in an assortment of sizes and styles. What is in it for the regular Jane?  The chance to own some of the leading brands in the world at prices that will have your jaw drop for quite a few hours..and even the few “logical” shoppers like me will have recurring dreams about.
So what is The Second Row?
“It’s an online community that enables you to buy & sell curated luxury & fashion pieces. It’s like a community on the internet where we have women coming together to swap wardrobes and re-invent their style. It’s a fairly simple concept where we want women to connect over shoes and bags and clothes and exchange wardrobes like how we did back in college” says Sanjeevani Thakur, one of the founders of The Second Row.  “The whole point of this community is to promote companionship and bonding. We’re a like-minded community of fashionistas, and we are proud of it” quips in Aanchal Aggarwal, co-owner of The Second Row.
How did this idea come up?
“Aanchal would compliment me on my looks when we went out in college, and I realised that whenever I got a compliment I was wearing someone else’s clothes! Yes, I realised there’s so much scope to personal style if we were given a chance to share our clothes like roommates for the rest of our lives! Hence The Second Row.”
Isn’t it a task to get people to try out second hand goods?
“The picture this phrase paints is that of an old, worn out product. You will find nothing of that sort at The Second Row. Each product is carefully selected by us and inspected for wear and tear.  Only once it’s approved by us do we put it on sale. The prices are decided according to the use of the product. But when it comes to Indian labels and designer ethnic wear, we are seeing a lot of response because no one tends to repeat these outfits. ”
This women-centric community formed by this dynamic duo has been around for the last 5 months, and has already found some early adapters. Doesn’t it take some time for the Indian audience to open up to such a concept?
“Yes, it does. But in the list of terms and conditions we have made sure we added the confidentiality clause. That way secrecy is maintained and people are a little comfortable.”  says Sanjeevani. Aanchal agrees, “It works just like the thrift stores abroad. When I was studying fashion in Milan, I had a thrift store right next to where I lived, and I was addicted to it. In India, it does get a little difficult to get people to adopt that style. But they’re open to change and that’s a good thing. We’ve come a long way when it comes to fashion”
How has it been so far?
“It’s been slow, but good. We have been very patient, and we have seen results. We need to get a little aggressive with promotions now…yes I think we’re ready to be out there “The optimism and determination is evident, especially when Aanchal tells us about the small problems they have had to face as a start-up, and the way they have worked around them. “We can’t work with vendors right now since we can’t work with huge orders. That’s a major limitation. Especially since this is a niche market that we are looking at. So we do it all by ourselves. Even when it comes to deliveries.”
The Second Row understands the need to let go of things that you no longer use. Painful, but helpful.  Is it a dress you once fit into which is now 2 sizes too small for you? Or is it just a simple case of boredom? Or did you buy that bag out of pure impulse? Whatever be the case, they’re here to help you.  They will ensure your beloved dress/bag/shoe will find its way to someone who genuinely appreciates it.
If you wish to have a look at the product before purchasing it, you can ask for an appointment with The Second Row. Sanjeevani and Aanchal make sure you do not take a decision in haste- they allow you to inspect the product and you can take your time to make up your mind. To get their contact details, you can visit their website- or you can also find them on Facebook.
Welcome to this glamorous world of The Second Row. Happy shopping!

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